The 13 Best Ankle Weights

By Emily Aldridge | 2021 Update

This updated guide reviews all of the best ankle weights available right now.

One of the best ways to sculpt your body is with resistance training. From lifting weight at the gym to wearing some on your own body, all the additional weight you put on during your workout add more strength to your routine and makes it effective. Whether you’re focusing on burning more calories or bulking up without those lengthy sessions, resistance training is the answer.

And when it comes to adding weights to your workout routine, what could be better than putting on some ankle weights. When done right, ankle weights gives your body the heaviness that’s not only more effective for your workout regimen but also manageable.

The only thing you need to be really cautious about is picking the best ankle weights and its right distribution for best results. Pop on the right ankle weights so you can easily pop out the weight on the scale!

Here you will find all the information you are looking for about ankle weights to improve your cardiovascular fitness. Keep going!

The Best Ankle Weights – My Top Picks

Top ProductsBest Features
1. Sportneer Adjustable Ankle WeightsFeatures a universal size with easy-to-adjust straps for a better fit, excellent quality with neoprene exterior, durable trim for increased strength
2. BalanceFrom GoFit Fully Adjustable Ankle Weights
Adjustable sizing option with Velcro pad, multipurpose use, made from neoprene exterior with a moisture-absorbing material
3. Nordic Lifting Fully Adjustable Ankle/Wrist Weights (1 Pair) Designed for great comfort and durability with added neoprene padding, comes in a variety of weight options, adjustable and suitable for both ankles and wrists
4. CAP Barbell 20-Pound Adjustable Ankle WeightsExcellent multi-purpose design for daily use, adjustable weights, professional and comfortable design
5. Bala Bangles Fully Adjustable Wearable Wrist & Ankle WeightsOne-size-fits-all multipurpose weights for ankle and wrists, bangle-style to add more comfort and ease of wear, adds resistance to any workout


Sportneer Adjustable Ankle Weights

  • Features a universal size with easy-to-adjust straps for a better fit
  • Excellent quality with neoprene exterior for great comfort
  • Comes in a pair of two ankle weights; 5lbs each
  • Adjustable weight with five removable sand pockets (0.97 each)
  • Durable trim for increased durability

One of the best reasons why Sportneer ankle weights are on top of the list is the fact that after a few minutes, you wouldn’t even notice that you have it on. The design and material are so comfortable that you can easily wear it throughout a strenuous workout routine without even feeling it. Another great feature is the durability, which keeps the ankle weights from tearing down. The breathable material will keep you dry and comfortable, and makes it great for walking, running, and other exercising.


BalanceFrom GoFit Fully Adjustable Ankle Weights

  • Adjustable sizing option with Velcro pad
  • Can be used as ankle weights, wrist weights, leg weights, and arm weights
  • Comes in a variety of weights (in pair) to choose from; 1lb, 1.5lb, 2lb, 2.5lb, 3lb, 4lb, and 5lb
  • Made from neoprene exterior with a moisture-absorbing material
  • 2 years warranty

This one’s another excellent option for ankle weights. Not only are they aesthetically attractive, but also excellent for increasing the intensity of your workout. These weights by the BalanceFrom are excellent for a variety of exercises such as jogging, yoga, and running. The best part: you don’t have to adjust the weight – you can get your preferable weight out of the options you have. The durable, breathable material stays as good as new even after regular use.


Nordic Lifting Fully Adjustable Ankle/Wrist Weights (1 Pair) 

  • Designed for great comfort and durability with added neoprene padding
  • Comes in a variety of weight options
  • Adjustable and suitable for both ankles and wrists
  • Great for home workouts, aerobics, cross-training, jogging, and other fitness workouts
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty

Add more gravitational resistance to your workout routine and improve your gym performance with these highly effective, durable ankle weights. The multipurpose weights are available in different variations including one, two, three, and five pounds, and can be used as both ankle weights and wrist weights. The one-size-fits-all ankle weights are not only suitable for men and women, but also for children.


CAP Barbell 20-Pound Adjustable Ankle Weights

  • Excellent multi-purpose design for daily use
  • Adjustable weights
  • Professional and comfortable design
  • Extra pockets for enhanced customization
  • Hook and loop closure for an excellent fit

The CAP adjustable ankle weights are excellent for daily use and can effectively help you shape and tone your muscles. Each ankle weight weighs 10lbs each for a great resistance workout and for building your stamina. The external pockets allow you to adjust the weight according to your comfort so you can increase the intensity as per your need. The comfortable ankle weights can be worn with ease for a hardcore workout routine or for your regular everyday walk.  


Bala Bangles Fully Adjustable Wearable Wrist & Ankle Weights

  • One-size-fits-all multipurpose weights for ankle and wrists
  • Bangle-style to add more comfort and ease of wear
  • Made from the highest quality material in a range of colors
  • Adds resistance to any workout including walking, pilates, aerobics, running, yoga, core training, and home workouts
  • Weighs one pound each

Build strength without interrupting your workout every time you have to pick up the weight. The amazing bangle-style ankle/wrist weights can be worn without limiting the range of motion for an excellent workout routine. With these ankle weights by Bala, you can add a comfortable and constant resistance to your workout with 1lb weight each. This one’s an excellent additive to a variety of workouts for great results.


HealthyModelLife Ankle Weights Sets

  • Narrow profile for a snug fit – making it more suitable for women
  • Easy to wear and carry
  • Unbeatable comfort with a durable design
  • It comes in a variety of weights including 1lb, 2lb, 5lb, and 8lb.
  • 1-year replacement or refund guarantee

One of the core reasons why these ankle/wrist weights are so popular is because they’re used by the Victoria Secrets Angels. The narrow design of these weights is more suitable for women and offers a great, snug grip. This also ensures that the weights do not rotate around your feet or wrists during the workout to make exercising more comfortable. The fully-adjustable profile ensures you get to do a burning session for your forearms after you’re done with the glutes and thighs.


TheraBand Comfort Fit Wrist & Ankle Cuff Weight Set

  • Features a sleep neoprene exterior for a comfortable fit
  • Adjustable strap for a customized fit
  • Abrasive terrycloth interior to keep the moisture away
  • Excellent for strength training and rehabilitation programs
  • Enhances balance for great stability

This set by Theraband features an adjustable strap to perfectly fit the ankles for a great workout session. Another great feature is the sleek neoprene exterior that keeps up with the grip and prevents the weights from rotating. Designed from abrasive terrycloth, the interior is mindfully crafted for maximum moisture absorption to ensure a comfortable exercise session.  


DA VINCI Adjustable Ankle or Wrist Weights

  • Adjustable weight per set of 2lb, 3lb, 4lb, 6lb, 8lb, and 10lb
  • Available in a variety of funky colors
  • Made from excellent moisture-wicking material
  • Soft and comfortable to wear
  • Adjustable Velcro bands for a snug fit

The Da Vinci ankle weights feature an adjustable strap keeping the user’s ease of use in mind. Designed using soft cloth exterior, the multipurpose weights stay comfortable for hours. This is one of the best ankle weights for its moisture absorbing ability that helps keep up with the overall workout performance.


Valeo Adjustable Ankle/Wrist Weights

  • Self-gripping Velcro closure to perfectly fit ankles and wrists
  • Sand-filled adjustable weight bags
  • Available weight 5lb, 10lb, and 20lb
  • Excellent ankle weights for fitness and rehabilitation
  • Padding and non-abrasive lining for maximum comfort

If you love trying out different exercises and not sure about the perfect weight or size of your ankle weights, this adjustable style by Valeo is a great option. These ankle weights are designed from high-quality material for maximum comfort and keep you loaded throughout the workout without loosening up. The design features sand-filled pouches so you can adjust the weight as per your needs. The product is popular for its versatility.


All Pro Weight Adjustable Ankle Weights

  • Easy adjustability with maximum comfort
  • Excellent for steady stamina building
  • Adjustable weights to increase resistance
  • Extra padding for full support around the heel
  • Available in four different weight variations

If you’re a fitness enthusiast, this one’s for you! With four different variations available in weights, you can bulk up as you like. These ankle weights are great for adding serious intensity to your workout to help you tone and sculpt your body. As far as customization of weight is concerned, this set gives you maximum flexibility to adjust the resistance according to your exercise or fitness level. Take your workout game to the next level with these All Pro ankle weights.


Nayoya Wellness 3 Pound Adjustable Ankle Weights Set with Carry Pouch

  • Highly-effective sweat-absorbing fabric
  • Adjustable straps with a ring closure for a snug fit
  • Premium-quality neoprene design with a carry pouch
  • Moisture-wicking, non-abrasive material
  • Comfortable for a variety of resistance training exercises

Whether you’re a beginner or into light workouts like yoga or Pilates, these ankle weights are perfect for you. Add a little more work to your simple workout routine for great results. Made from high-quality material, the 1.5lb each ankle weight is a lightweight design, which also makes it ideal for a walk and regular use. The best part: you can even carry them with you in a stylish nylon carrying pouch.


SHOUNg Reflective Ankle Weights

  • Extra safety due to the reflective line in the design
  • Made from soft and durable material
  • Adjustable straps with a weight set of 10lbs. each
  • Multipurpose weights for both ankles and wrists
  • Powerful sweat-absorbent material keeps it skin-friendly

This is one of the most popular picks for running enthusiasts – thanks to the comfortable design that offers maximum support and grip. But running isn’t the only exercise these weights are great for. You can use them for hardcore workouts like cardio and also for Pilates and yoga. The most prominent feature is the reflective lines that would be radiant if you are out for a walk at late hours or if you love jogging before the sun is out.

Best Ankle Weights Buyer’s Guide

There are many ways to add to the efficiency of your workouts to get amazing results. There are also many exercise equipment that you can add to your daily routine. But the simpler you keep this; the easier it will be to stick to it. Instead of adding many exercise tools, look for the best one that perfectly matches your fitness goals.

And if resistance is what you’re looking for, then ankle weights are the best decision ever.

Add endurance and strength to your exercises and pick the best pair of ankle weights as per your fitness requirements. This article does not only highlights the best ankle weights to choose from but also includes a detailed buyer’s guide to help you make your mind.

So without further ado, let’s dive in!  

Buying the Best Ankle Weights – The Different Usage

Right when you start your research for the best ankle weights, there are certain important features that you must take into consideration. First thing first, keep your specific fitness goals in mind. Next, look at the adjustability, quality, comfort, and most importantly, the weight and size of the ankle weight.

The most customizable an option is, the better it will serve the purpose. If the ankle weight you are buying can be adjusted according to different sizes and customized for a range of weights, it is definitely a great buy. All in all, you should feel secure and comfortable once the ankle weights are strapped onto your legs.

Here are all the things you need to check out for.  

Used as Ankle Weights

Adding a little extra weight can make your simplest workout more intense and challenging. They are great for runners, for hardcore fitness routines, as well as for beginners and yogis. The key is to exercise your legs more and tone them up for best shape.

Burpees, leg raises, lunges, and step-ups are some simple exercises that can be carried out with ankle weights to work up your legs and abs simultaneously.  

Used as Wrist Weights

One of the best parts about adjustable ankle weights is that it can be used as wrist weights as well. This makes them effectively multipurpose and suitable for exercises like cardio, punching, jumping jacks, burpees, or anything that you want to add resistance to.

Weight for Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is another major benefit of using ankle weights. These can be conveniently used for different physical therapy exercises to strengthen the core muscles of your legs, thighs, shoulders, and arms. Get your hands on the adjustable set and start with the lightest weight if that’s the purpose you’re getting ankle weights.  

Best Exercises with Ankle Weights

Whether you want to fire up the intensity of your workout routine, or just tone your body while you carry out your everyday chores, adding ankle weights to your exercise is a great way to indulge in resistance workout.

Here are all the interesting exercises that can offer you excellent results with ankle weights.

Butt Lift

Want rounder butts? Ankle weights are an excellent way to tone your butts in the perfect shape. Ankle weights are usually the secret weapon hat girls use to prepare their ideal bikini body.

Jump Performance

Improve and intensify your jump performance with the right ankle weights. For best results, put on your ankle weights before the vertical jump.


Other than exercises, ankle weights can also be worn when you’re playing your favorite sports. It becomes really effective in games that require running. However, be very cautious while wearing ankle weights for games like soccer to prevent injuries.  


Ankle weights play a vital role in strengthening the core. Some of the best exercises for the core include high knee kicks, burpees, side leg lift, mountain climbers, hip extension, crossed leg lift, and the bicycle exercise.  


Ankle weights can enhance your agility movements such as step-overs and dribbling.  

Features of Best Pair of Ankle Weights

Ankle weights are excellent for a variety of stationary exercises, footwork, agility movements, rehabilitation, kicks, and so much more. But when you’re picking the best ankle weights, it is crucial that you focus on the key features that make them stand out. Keep reading!


Look for a durable, moisture-wicking fabric when choosing the best ankle weights. The material should also be comfortable and offer a snug grip without causing irritation.


The style can also make a difference to the best ankle weights as per your needs. The Velcro strap style will accommodate people with large ankles. Adjustable ankle weights that come with the weight customization option is also a great style as you do not have to buy different pairs for different weights.  


If you wish to use the weights for pool or water activities, it is important to invest in ankle weights that are waterproof. Using your regular weights in the water would damage the metal parts as well as ruin the sand inside. Also, if they’re not waterproof, they will retain water and may take very long to dry.

Why You Need Ankle Weights – The Benefits

Boost your workout challenge with this versatile exercise tool that’s a must-have in your collection. Once you get a grip on how to use the ankle weights, you can incorporate them into a variety of exercises in your routine.

Here are all the benefits why you should consider investing in one right away.  

Resilience and Versatility

Not only do ankle weights add resilience to your workout but they are also extremely versatile. Perk up your fitness routine with a variety of exercises for better results. Doing the same exercises and in the same way, is both monotonous and adaptive for your body. The benefits tend to taper off with time until you bring in some resistance and versatility. And that’s exactly why you need ankle weights. You can do different leg exercises, adjust different weights, and face varying challenges – just the way you like it.

Shapes and Tones the Legs

When used on the ankles, this additional weight can improve the range of motion and flexibility of your legs. Resistance leads to the optimal toning of your muscles. And this does not suggest that you bulk up or use heavyweights. It could only be a few pounds on your ankles and you can work up your muscles for better shape.  

Works on Overall Body Muscles

Most ankle weights can also be used as wrist weights and therefore, can work on overall body muscles. For the lower body, wear them on your ankles and perform exercises like kicks, leg raises, swings, and more. For the upper body, put the weights around your wrist for different exercises.

Another great way to use ankle weights to train the core is to wear them on your ankles and perform exercises such as scissors, V-sit, leg reach and kneeling arm, seated knee tuck, reverse crunch, and bicycle crunches. Adding weight to your core training is an excellent way to train your core muscles and to build abs.

Improve Breathing Muscles

According to Yoga International, a user can improve breathing muscles and prevent breathing problems by placing ankle weights on the diaphragm instead of sandbags. It works as a strength training and boosts your respiratory muscles

However, it is important that you consult your therapist before practicing this and make sure the weights that you’re using are perfect for you.

Ankle Weights Safety Precautions

It is amazing how resistance training is excellent for both weight loss and muscle growth. While you have all the reasons to focus on the benefits, it is equally crucial to pay attention to the safety precautions to make sure you’re able to achieve those benefits.

When used carelessly, ankle weights can be detrimental instead of being beneficial. Here are the common problems you need to watch out for.

Ligament Tears

When it comes to workout, the go-big-or-go-home phenomenon does not apply. In case you opt for it with ankle weights, you’re definitely going to end up with ligament tears. Taking up weight that you’re not able to handle can be detrimental to your ligaments. Go slow with your ankle weights. If you’re not used to bodyweight resistance, start with the least and then add up as you build your stamina to avoid ligament tears.

Joint Pain

If you’re diagnosed with any joint-damaging disease, using weights can worsen the condition. Do not opt for ankle or wrist weights without consulting your doctor.

Carving the Path

The point of adding ankle weights to your workout is to make it more efficient. While resistance adds the much-needed challenge, the workout shouldn’t be hard. If you’re dragging yourself in the gym or if you’re experiencing a lot of pain with ankle weights, it’s best to reconsider. You can reduce the weights if that works for you.

Best Ankle Weights FAQs

1. Do ankle weights benefit my workout?

Do not underestimate the importance of this small accessory for your workout. The extra weight you put on your ankles helps you boost your stamina and endurance. The ankle weights exert additional force during the workout and tone your legs and even arms (if used as wrist weights) and help you burn more calories in your regular workout. In addition to strengthening your lower legs, wearing ankle weights work on your glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps.

2. What weight should I opt for as a beginner?

As a beginner, your focus should be to build your stamina and improve your endurance. Start out with lighter weight so it’s easier for you to reach the top of the spectrum with time. If you begin with heavier weights, it will only tire you and may cause injury and joint stress. The key is to prepare your body to carry the additional weight so you can slowly build up your routine. Weight sets of 1lb and 2lb are good to start with.

3. Are ankle weights exclusively for exercise or can I use them for my everyday activities?

The best part about these wearable weights is that you can put them on while doing your everyday activities and tone your muscles while carrying out your household chores. Since you don’t have to engage your hands in picking up these weights, you can easily burn out calories with simple activities.

4. Is wearing ankle weights suitable for yoga?

If you are a pro at yoga, you can definitely add ankle weights to your routine and deepen your stretches. However, it is not suitable for yoga beginners who do not have a grip around their yoga mat.

5. While buying online, how would I know if my ankle weight would fit me?

Keeping the different ankle and wrist sizes in mind, most ankle weights are ‘one size fits all’. These ankle weights usually come with adjustable straps that can be tightened accordingly and can fit men, women, and even kids. In case your ankles are really thin or really thick, make sure the strap is the right size to adjust around your ankle perfectly.

6. What’s the right way to clean ankle weights?

It is crucial to keep all the gym equipment – including ankle weights – clean. Due to moisture, it is very common for fungus and bacteria to accumulate and cause infection. Also, the moisture-absorbing fabric may keep you dry during the workout but would start to smell really bad if not cleaned regularly. If your ankle weights are machine-friendly, it’s going to be a simple task.

If not, wash your weights by hand, taking care of their construction to keep them intact and usable for long. Always use a mild soap and lukewarm water to wash your ankle weights and gently rub the areas until thoroughly cleaned. Air dry after the wash.   

7. Is running allowed while wearing ankle weights?

Ankle weights are quite popular with runners. In fact, most people use ankle weights to perform cardio exercises. It can instantly boost your workout endurance and offer great results. However, putting on additional weight can alter your gait, which can stress out your ligaments and muscles. Therefore, it is important to start light and avoid weights completely if you have any joint injuries.

8. What are the best exercises to perform while wearing ankle weights?

The best physical activity you can do with ankle weights on is jogging or walking. But ankle weights serve as a great exercise gear for a full-body workout. Here’s a list of the best exercises you can pull off with ankle weights:

  • Bicycle kick
  • Leg raises
  • Burpees
  • Step-ups
  • High knees
  • Front lunges
  • Donkey kicks
  • Fire hydrants
  • Single leg squats
  • Squats

9. Do I have to take safety precautions before using ankle weights?

Steer clear of ankle weights if you suffer from any pre-existing injuries or diseases. It may worsen the condition and cause you more harm than benefit. It is imperative that you take proper safety precautions with ankle weights to avoid injuring yourself. Lifting more than you can manage can tear your muscle or cause a ligament injury.

10. Can I use ankle weights on my wrists as well?

Most ankle weights feature the multipurpose design and adjustability that makes them suitable for your wearing as wrist weights too. While you can keep two separate sets for your ankles and wrists, you can also use the same ones for both parts of your body.

11. What muscles do ankle weight works?

Since the added weight will be on the ankles, they significantly target the leg muscles. Even if you simply walk with ankle weights on, you will feel the burn in your glutes and hamstring quads.

12. For how long is it okay to wear ankle weights?

While you can wear ankle weights for workout and for regular activities, it shouldn’t be worn all day long. Wearing the extra weight on for longer hours can cause strain on the joints. A few hours is more than enough.


Don’t forget to check out our reviews for the 12 best ankle weights that we have covered for you. Enhance your workout routine right away and grab the perfect pair of ankle weights. This little tool can take your fitness to another level.

So read on and consider the listed features to narrow down your options. Remember! The best ankle weights are the ones that perfectly work for you and offer you great results.

Do share with us your favorite ankle weights from the list!


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