9 Awesome Ankle Weight Exercises

By Emily Aldridge | 2020 Update

Awesome ankle weight exercisesAnkle weights are fitness tools that you attach to your ankles to enhance your workout.

You exert more force against the resistance and, therefore, burn more calories and strengthen your body & muscles.

In this post, I am listing out some of the best ankle weight exercises. At the very end, I’ll also explain what exercise to avoid and why you should do so.

Equipment you need:

All right.

Here are some of the best exercises you can do at home…

Butt Lift Workout

This is the exercise to focus and build up your glutes. Check out the awesome video by Vicky justiz:


How do you do it?

First Perform kick-ups on each side. You can do these as many as you can. After that perform kick-backs. Again, extend it to your limit. The more you do, the better. Lastly, perform Bouncing kickbacks as shown in the video. You have to do bouncing kick-backs 15 to 20 on each leg, 3 times.

Remember: Start with low weights. Increase your weights only when you feel comfortable.

Leg Lifts

Exercise with ankle weightsThis is a fairly common exercise that you might do all the time. You are just adding weights to your ankles to further enhance this workout.

Steps : 

  1. Securely attach the weights to your ankle
  2. Face up your position on the floor.
  3. Now place your hands on the side and lift your legs a few inches up the floor.
  4. Raise your legs and make sure your body makes and 90° angle
  5. Lower your legs and now repeat this process 10-12 times.


Stomach Toning Workout

Another awesome stomach workout.

Leg Extensions

leg-extension-exercise1Leg extensions help you build your quadriceps femoris muscle. How to perform this exercise?

First,  sit on a chair ( just like you would normally sit on a chair ) with your feet in normal position on the floor.

Now raise your left or right leg and extend your legs ( just as shown in the image )

Slowly lower your foot and repeat this process ten to fifteen times. Now, do same for the other leg.

Pro Tip: Don’t move your thighs while performing this exercise to make sure your workout is most effective.

Plank Jump Push Ups

They are easy. First get yourself in plank position. Now, jump your feet forward. Jump backwards ( to your previous position )

Repeat it 10-15 times.

Standing Side Leg Raises

You need a chair to perform this exercise. The chair is for support.

Stand straight with the chair on your right side. Place your hand on the chair for support. Now, steadily raise your left leg as much as you comfortably can. Slowly lower your leg.

Repeat this ten to fifteen time and change position.

Now, place your left hand on the chair and repeat the process.


Steps to do this exercise:

  1. Stand in a position with your legs wide apart
  2. Now,  squat down with your left or right hand touching the ground
  3. Jump and rotate 180°
  4. Repeat the above with your other hand

Knee Tuck In and Outs

Steps to perform:

  • Start seated with your hands on your sides to support yourself.
  • Lean back with your legs outstretched in a natural position
  • Next, Crunch your knees inwards
  • Repeat this again but now when you stretch your legs separate your legs wide apart. ( making a kinda V shape )
  • Repeat this process 8-10 times.

Standing Resistance Band Leg Abductions

You will need a resistance band for this exercise.

  1. Stand with feet hip-width side apart. – Your resistance band should be around your lower legs, just above your ankle weights
  2. Make sure your hands are on your hips
  3. Lift your left or right foot and suspend it in the air in a smooth motion.
  4. Work against the resistance band and repeat the process with the other leg.

What should you avoid doing with ankle weights?


A lot of experts advise against this as running may cause joint and tendon issues. This is simply because when wearing ankle weights, your legs act as a lever and extra force provided by the weight causes extra momentum. This cause problems for some people. ( not all )

All the exercise mentioned above are safe. I don’t see any reason why they won’t be. But still, you should consult your medical practitioner before starting any exercise.

It’s easier to get started with low weights and then add weight as you build up a routine. What ankle weight exercises do you currently do and what exercise you are planning to add to your routine?

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