12 Best Hand Grip Strengtheners

By Emily Aldridge | 2021 Update

Here’s the truth:

Improving your grip strength can make a much more significant difference than you might think.

Some might do it to increase their athletic performance, or perform better at sports, or to lift heavier weights, or maybe to become better at playing instruments.

No matter what the reason is, the benefits of improved grip strength always go deeper than we might assume. Whether it’s carrying groceries, drilling a hole, or even cooking or typing, everything becomes easier with a stronger grip.

So now that you know the benefits of improved grip strength, it’s time to buy one. Where do you start?

Right here. Read our buyer’s guide if you’re new to all of this, or navigate through our picks for the best hand grip strengtheners. So if you’re ready, let’s go!

Best Hand Grip Strengtheners – My Top Picks

Top ProductsBest Features
1. IronMind Captains of Crush Hand GripperSolid aluminum and steel build for optimum durability, comes in a range of resistances, best for professional sportspersons
2. FitBeast Hand Grip Strengthener Workout Kit (5 Pack)All-in-one package for progressive hand and grip strengthening, adjustable grip strengthener, made out of premium silicone
3. NSD Power AutoStart Spinner Gyroscopic Wrist and Forearm ExerciserSpinner with gyroscope embedded, allows you to get an intense forearm, wrist, and hand workout, simple design and military-grade plastic shell
4. PROHANDS Gripmaster Hand ExerciserSeparate triggers allow you to train each finger individually, ergonomic base, made from premium-quality ABS plastic and stainless-steel springs
5. The Friendly Swede Hand Grip Strength Trainer3 balls with different resistance levels, help relieve stress and anxiety, comfy egg-shape makes them easy to hold and carry


IronMind Captains of Crush Hand Gripper

  • Solid aluminium and steel build for optimum durability
  • Simple, effective and long-lasting design
  • Can be easily carried anywhere you want
  • Comes in a range of resistances, from 60 up to 350 pounds
  • Best for professional sportspersons, climbers and weightlifters

The Captain of Crush Gripper has long reigned as the gold standard of grip strengtheners. It’s sturdy aluminum and steel build makes it an all-round durable, effective and portable piece of equipment. You can buy one in a variety of resistances, ranging from 60 up to a hefty 350 pounds. The downside is, you’ll have to buy a new one if you want to progress. But if you’re serious about building a hand grip, this is the one to go for.


FitBeast Hand Grip Strengthener Workout Kit (5 Pack)

  • All-in-one package for progressive hand and grip strengthening
  • Adjustable grip strengthener ranging from 22 to 132 pounds in resistance
  • Adjustable hand and finger exerciser ranging from 4 LB to 1.8 KG resistance per finger
  • Finger resistance band, stress ball, and hand strengthener ring made out of premium silicone
  • Best for sports, musicians, or patients recovering from surgery

This all-in-one hand grip strengthening package from FitBeast is everything that you’ll ever need to develop your grip strength. The pack includes an adjustable grip strengthener, an adjustable hand and finger exerciser, a finger resistance band, a stress ball, and a hand strengthener ring. Safe to say, the quality of all of these tools is outstanding and can be used by anyone, whether you’re a musician, athlete, a patient in rehab, or even a bodybuilder.


NSD Power AutoStart Spinner Gyroscopic Wrist and Forearm Exerciser

  • Spinner with gyroscope embedded which spins at more than 15,000 rpm
  • Allows you to get an intense forearm, wrist and hand workout
  • Builds coordination, improves motor skills, increases the endurance of wrists and hands
  • Doesn’t requires battery or cord, simply roll back the gyro to start spinning
  • Best for beginners, sportspersons and musicians to build flexibility and strength
  • Simple design and military-grade plastic shell for longer life and portability

This hand grip strengthener is unlike anything you might have seen before. Unlike a traditional grip, this is a spinner in the shape of a ball with a gyroscope inside that rotates at extremely fast speeds. Similar to swirling ice cubes in a glass, you rotate the spinner in sync with the gyro inside. This not only allows you to target your hands, wrists and forearms but also allows you to improve coordination. And the special plastic exterior makes the spinner robust and easy to carry along wherever you go.


PROHANDS Gripmaster Hand Exerciser

  • Separate triggers allow you to train each finger individually
  • Ergonomic base and triggers build finger, grip and forearm strength
  • Made out of premium-quality ABS plastic and stainless-steel springs
  • Helps musician and patients recovering regain or increase strength and dexterity
  • Available in a variety of resistances, ranging from 3 to 9 pounds

For the musicians and climbers, the ProHands Gripmaster is the ultimate tool. Unlike other grip strengtheners, it allows you to individually target and train each finger to increase strength and dexterity of your fingers, hand and forearm as well. More so, this tool is great for patients or people looking to regain finger and grip strength after a surgery or accident.


The Friendly Swede Hand Grip Strength Trainer

  • 3 balls with different resistance levels allow you to gradually increase grip strength
  • Help relieve stress and anxiety by allowing you to fidget wherever you are
  • Comfy egg-shape makes them easy to hold and carry with you
  • Made from safe thermoplastic rubber material
  • Great for children and adults alike to use during work, school or study

If you want to fidget or improve focus while building grip strength wherever you like, this is the grip strengthener for you. These plush, egg-shaped balls come in 3 different stiffness levels and can easily be used by children as well as adults. Not only do these balls help gradually increase grip strength and motor skills, but they also help relieve stress and anxiety. All in all, they’re an amazing grip strengthener to carry on the go for both you and your children!


Kootek Hand Grip Strengthener with Adjustable Resistance

  • Made from a heavy-duty aluminium alloy with diamond-textured handles
  • Adjustable resistance through screw-handles from 50 up to 150 pounds
  • Design and weight allow you to carry it wherever you want
  • Great looking and weight makes it feel durable and solid

The Kootek Grip Strengthener is solid, aluminium alloy-built hand trainer. But unlike the Captain of Crush, you can adjust its resistance. The top part of the diamond-textured handles of the strengthener unscrews to allow you to increase their length. This reduces the tension up to 50 pounds, and at its highest, it can be taken up to 150 pounds. If you’re looking for a great looking grip strengthener that’s effective and adjustable, this one’s for you.


Sidewinder Revolution

  • Twisting action allows you to exercise in multiple angles
  • Customizable resistance through the tension dial
  • Solid anodized aluminium construction with knurled handles for extra grip
  • Work your entire arms; triceps, biceps, forearms and wrists all get worked

If normal grip strengtheners aren’t your thing, you could opt for the Sidewinder Revolution. This forearm-wrist roller requires you to twist the bar in order to work your muscles. Use this strengthener in multiple angles, and adjust the resistance according to your needs to fire up the muscles in your entire arms and greatly improve your athletic performance!


MummyFit Grip Strengthener and Adjustable Hand Exerciser

  • Thermoplastic nylon and steel construction make it indestructible
  • Adjustable resistance spring from 55-154 lbs. allows you to progress
  • Super-silent function permits you to use this strengthener anywhere you like
  • Covered by a lifetime warranty for ultimate confidence

The MummyFit grip strengthener is the best if you want a grip strengthener that will last forever. It’s extremely silent operation and ergonomic design allows you to carry and use it wherever and whenever you want. But that’s not the best part, the solid construction of this strengthener, it’s adjustable resistance and lifetime warranty ensures that you won’t ever need to buy another grip strengthener again.


Outdoor Sport Hand Grip Strengthener

  • Comfortable size and grip which can be used by people of any hand-size
  • Alterable resistance level ranging from 22-70 lbs.
  • Sturdy stainless-steel spring for longer life and more durability
  • Compact and ergonomic design allows you to carry it anywhere you want

The perfect all-round hand grip strengthener, this hand exerciser from Outdoor Sport is great for any person of any age looking to exercise their forearms and wrists. No matter the size of your hand or your age, you could easily increase your forearm strength whether you’re a musician, athlete, or patient in rehabilitation. Easily adjust the resistance, slip the strengthener in your bag, and use it wherever you like!


Longang Hand Grip Strengthener with Adjustable Resistance

  • Highly portable and can be easily fitted into a gym bag, handbag or pockets
  • Resistance can be adjusted from 11 lbs. to 132 lbs.
  • Great for improving forearm and wrist strength, endurance and dexterity
  • Best for rock climbers, golfers, musicians, and sportspersons

The Longang hand grip strengthener is a great piece of equipment to carry with you on the go. The compact design of the strengthener allows you to easily carry it around you, whether it’s in your gym bag, handbag, or even your pockets. More so, it’s steel and rubber construction and adjustable resistance will keep you from needing a new strengthener every time you want to progress. 


5BILLION Hand Strength Grip & Finger Stretcher

  • Best for recovering from hand and wrist surgeries or injuries
  • Prevents muscle imbalance or overstressing joints and muscles from squeezing motion
  • Three bands with different resistances allow you to gradually progress
  • Can be carried anywhere and used during your normal daily routine

The 5Billion Finger Stretching bands are the perfect choice for those in rehabilitation and recovering from surgery or an accident. If you suffer from arthritis, tendonitis or have had a tendon or wrist surgery, these finger stretchers will allow you to gradually regain your hand strength, dexterity and movement. More so, you can easily carry these bands everywhere you go and exercise on the go!


Iron Crush Hand Grip

  • Made from premium silicone material for durability
  • Come in a pack of 3 bands of different resistance (60, 70 & 80 lbs.)
  • Portable and can be carried anywhere with you and used on the go
  • Can be used in three different ways for different goals (Squeezing, Pinching, Extension)

Grip strengtheners don’t always have to be bulky, super-tough pieces of equipment. These Iron Crush Hand Grips are just as effective in increasing forearm and hand strength, however they come in the form of colorful rings in a compact and attractive shape and size. Carry these rings with you anywhere and give your forearm muscles a solid workout on the go!

Buyer’s Guide

Reasons for Using A Grip Strengthener

Here’s the truth:

It’s no secret that most of the activities that we do on a daily basis involve our hands and fingers in one way or another. And as trivial as it may seem, improving your grip and finger strength can drastically improve your productivity and make a great difference in your daily life.

If you’re looking to purchase a grip strengthener, chances are you already know what you’re buying it for. However, there are many layers to this exercise and being informed can go a long way in helping you select the right grip strengthener for your goals. So, first, let’s set our priorities straight and determine what kind of strengthening do we actually require.

Types of Grip Strengths

Recognizing which type of strength, you need to work on can help you choose a better grip strengthener and achieve your goals quickly and easily. We will also mention which kind of strength each user needs to work most on in order to achieve the greatest improvement in their performance and capabilities. Grip strength can be divided into four basic categories as following:

Crushing Strength

This is the strength that is activated when you perform a squeezing motion and clench something between your fingers and palm. Whenever you shake someone’s hand, hold a barbell, grip a pushup bar, or hold a bat, your crushing strength is used. This type of strength is also mostly used by bodybuilders, sportsmen such as tennis players, cricketers, baseball players and many times by the majority of people in their daily life.

Increasing your grip strength can allow you to hold heavier weights in your hands, grip your sports equipment more firmly, improve your rope climbing performance and get a firmer handshake. More than that, you will notice that even your daily life activities such as carrying grocery bags or luggage will become easier for you by increasing your crushing strength.

Pinching Strength

Your pinching strength is the force you apply when holding something in between your finger(s) and thumb. Pinching strength might seem unimportant, but almost everyone unknowingly uses it in their daily life. However, pinching strength is more commonly used by musicians such as guitarists, pianists, and trumpets players.

Amongst sportsmen, rock climbers require pinching strength the most. Most of the time, rock climbers are supposed to carry their whole-body weight on just a few fingers, which requires immense finger strength in order to pull off. Improving your pinching strength can greatly enhance your instrument playing skills.

Guitarists and pianists will be able to play louder and clearer notes on their respective instruments. Similarly, rock climbers will also see a significant improvement in their performance. Not only will they be able to climb higher than before, but they will also be able to climb steeper angles and small spaces more easily.

Support Grip

Increased crushing strength might help you hold heavier objects, but you also need to work on your support grip in order to hold these objects for a long period of time. Support grip aims to increase your gripping endurance in order to allow you to carry heavier weights for longer timespans without exhausting your muscles. After all, what’s the use of being able to hold a 200-pound barbell if you can only hold on to it for just 2 reps?

Support grip is required in every situation that requires grip strength. This means that athletes, bodybuilders, and sportspersons, all require support grip. Not only this, but almost every person can benefit from increased support grip in one way or another during their day to day activities. Sportspersons like baseball players and cricketers will notice that they are able to comfortably grip their bats for longer periods of time. Bodybuilders and strongmen will notice that they are able to hold heavier weights for longer rep ranges more easily.

Type of Hand Grip Strengtheners

You can find hundreds of different kinds of hand grip strengtheners in the market in different shapes and sizes. But as confusing as it may seem, there are really only three or four different types of hand grip strengtheners which we will categorize below. Each carries a different shape and thus a different mechanism and functionality. To make the choosing process even easier, we’ll also mention which type of hand grip strengthener is best for each type of user mentioned above:

Coiled Strengtheners

These are the most basic type of grip strengtheners you’ll find in the market. Usually, this is a solid metal bar coiled in the center which creates resistance and returns to its normal position when released. These types of grip strengtheners tend to be the most durable as they’re usually built from a metal alloy and have no moving parts which greatly increases their life.

Coiled strengtheners are best for those looking to improve their grip strength. You can purchase one in different resistance levels which go up to tremendous amounts (365 lbs. is the height for the IronMind Strengthener). People who are serious about increasing their grip strength such as professional bodybuilders and competing strongmen can benefit greatly from these strengtheners as they’re the longest-lasting and offer the highest resistance levels amongst all hand grip strengtheners. However, the downside is that since the resistance level is fixed, you’ll have to purchase a new one with a higher resistance if you want to progress.

Spring Strengtheners

Spring strengtheners have two handles that are hinged at a pivot point and have a spring inserted in between. Most of them have the ability to adjust the length of the spring which changes the resistance of the strengthener. These strengtheners are still quite durable, however, may not last as long as coiled strengtheners as they usually involve many moving parts which can fail or break with use.

Spring Strengtheners are the optimal choice for those who want to increase their grip strength and support strength. The people that can benefit most from this type of strengthener are bodybuilders, sportspersons, athletes and normal people. You can adjust the spring tension to pick a starting point and begin progressing from thereby increasing the resistance level.

You could also lower the resistance to perform more reps and improve your support strength, or increase it to build and strengthen your forearm muscles and increase your grip strength. Once you have bought a solid spring strengthener, you probably won’t need to buy another one ever again.

Segmented Strengtheners

These types of strengtheners have separate buttons for each finger and a bar underneath to exercise your entire hand. Both of these are supported by springs which create resistance in order to allow you to exercise your finger and forearm muscles. Although these are typically the least durable of all due to multiple moving parts, we have included only the best of the best in our list to make sure that you get something that’ll last you for years.

Segmented strengtheners are typically the best choice for those looking to improve their pinching strength and grip strength. Musicians, rock climbers, sportspersons and normal people, all fall under the category of people who could benefit from improved pinching and grip strength, starting from the most important to the least. For musicians, improving finger strength plays a crucial role in playing instruments such as guitar, piano, trumpets and others as smoothly as possible.

Similarly, rock climbers can also greatly benefit from these as finger strength plays a huge role in navigating through huge rock walls by carrying your whole-body weight on just a few fingers. Despite this, there’s a drawback to these types of strengtheners. Just like coiled strengtheners, you’re going to have to purchase a new one every time you want to increase the intensity.

Finger Stretching Resistance Bands

These are perhaps the most common type of hand grip strengtheners. While other kinds of hand grip strengtheners allow you to perform a crushing or pinching movement, these stretchers only allow you to do an extending action. Typically, these resistance bands are made out of silicone and are the most durable of all because they have no moving parts at all.

Because you perform a stretching movement with these strengtheners, they train your extensor muscles and in turn improve your hand control and precision. Because of this, these strengtheners are especially beneficial for patients, musicians, and athletes. Sometimes, patients recovering from an injury or surgery experience loss of hand strength and control, and these stretching bands can be especially helpful in regaining dexterity and strength.

Similarly, learning to play instruments and improving your playing skills require finger control and precision. More so, tennis players, golfers, and shooters, all need hand and finger precision in order to aim accurately and obtain precise hand movements.


Do hand grip strengtheners actually work?

Hand grip strengtheners have been shown to improve overall hand and forearm performance. They help you increase your hand endurance and overall hand strength. 

What do hand grip strengtheners do?

Hand grip strengtheners help in improving overall the overall strength of your hands, fingers, forearms as well as part of your upper arms. They also help you to train yourself to bear weight for a longer duration.

What are the benefits of grip strengtheners?

They help you improve your grip and finger strength which greatly increases your productivity and efficiency in your daily life. More than that, grip strengtheners also increase hand precision and control.

Do grip strengtheners increase forearm size?

You will be able to achieve more muscular and defined forearms with grip strengtheners. However, just like normal exercise, both your workout routine and your diet play an equally important role in this.

Do hand grip strengtheners build muscle?

Yes. As hand grip strengtheners work the muscles in your hands, they also build and develop strength and muscles in your arms, especially on your forearms and near your wrist.    

How long does it take to develop strength & muscle with grip strengtheners?

It might take up to a month for muscle growth to be visible in your forearms, though strength gains will be more noticeable and will show within a week or two.

Do hand grip strengtheners make you punch harder?

Yes, better hand grip and forearm strength can help increase your punching power. Also, a stiffer wrist would shift more force on to the object being targeted creating extra punching power without loss of energy.

Do grip strengtheners improve dexterity?

Yes, hand grip strengtheners do improve dexterity. Professionals like typist and musicians use hand grip strengtheners as they need accuracy for each individual finger. Athletes also use grip strengtheners for stiffer hand and wrist movements.

Are hand grip strengtheners bad for you?

No, hand grip strengtheners have been shown to have zero harmful health effects at all. In fact, they are an excellent way of improving strength and power in both your hands and forearms.

Can you use grip strengtheners every day?

It’s not practically proven that using grip strengtheners every day would cause you harm. However, we would still recommend performing a few minutes of warmup exercises to reduce any chances of sustaining harm.

Are hand grip strengtheners really worth it?

Definitely. Investing in a quality hand grip strengthener will always pay off. No matter what your goal is, purchasing a reliable grip strengthener will help you achieve them at the comfort of your home or on the go.


To sum it all up, investing in a good hand grip strengthener can go a long way into developing incredible grip and finger strength. Although it might seem daunting at first, going through the buyer’s guide will help you get right on track to decide which type of strengthener you need and would suit you best. Spend just a few minutes a day exercising your hands, and you’ll be amazed at the difference it will make in your daily life!

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