The 13 Best Jump Ropes

By Emily Aldridge | 2021 Update

Here’s the truth:

Long gone are the days when cheap, plastic jump ropes were the only kinds that existed.

Check the market now and you’ll find out that lightweight fibreglass and aluminium ropes with dual-bearing systems dominate the market.

But even with all these options, it can be difficult to determine which one would suit you best and your needs.

So for that, we have created a list of the 13 Best Jump Ropes along with a personalized buyer’s guide to help you take your skipping game to the next level!

Top 5 Picks for Best Jump Ropes – My Top Picks

Top ProductsBest Features
1. Survival and Cross Premium Jump Rope Lightweight, so it’s easier to do double-unders and crisscrosses, cable connects at 90-degrees to handles which makes it quite fast, comes with a set of extra hardware 
2. XYLsports Jump Rope Plastic handles covered with foam for better grip, strong rubber rope good enough for people up to 6’5”, metal bearing for tangle-free skipping 
3. WOD Nation Speed Jump RopeGrippy nylon resin handles with tapered ends, the twin-bearing system allows faster rotation, nylon-coated rope smoothly cuts through the air 
4. EliteSRS Bullet COMP Jump Rope Aluminum handles with knurl grips, double ball-bearing technology, the new head design allows you to resize cables without tools 
5. Tangram Smart Jump Rope RookieSleek handles with a double-bearing mechanism, exclusive mobile application lets you track your jumping stats, challenge your friends and gain access to skipping workouts 


Survival and Cross Premium Jump Rope 

  • Lightweight, so it’s easier to do double-unders and crisscrosses  
  • Cable connects at 90-degrees to handles which makes it quite fast 
  • Comes with a set of extra hardware 
  • Additional online manuals and e-books for tips 
  • 7,000+ Reviews and average 3.9 ratings on Amazon 

The Survival and Cross jump rope is a pretty fast rope at a really reasonable price with some extra quirks that just make it too hard to ignore. The rope has solid and grippy handles with a 10-foot long rope to which is perfect for people as tall as 6’4”. It’s easy to carry around and is a great option for MMA training or just regular cardio. 


XYLsports Jump Rope 

  • Plastic handles covered with foam for better grip 
  • Strong rubber rope good enough for people up to 6’5” 
  • 180-degree rope connection with metal bearing for tangle-free skipping 
  • Lifetime warranty and 100% Money back guarantee 

If you’re just getting into skipping and want a great rope for a reasonable price, this is the one for you. The XYLsports jump rope combines amazing build quality with efficiency. Its sturdy rubber rope which connects to its grippy foam handles with a bearing allows fast skipping without getting tangled. And at a fraction of the price of others, it’s too good of a deal to skip. 


WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope

  • Grippy nylon resin handles with tapered ends 
  • Twin-bearing system allows faster rotation for double and triple unders 
  • 2.5mm thick 11-inch nylon-coated rope smoothly cuts through the air 
  • Comes with extra rope, cords, attachments, screws and a nylon carry bag 
  • Available in 9 different colours 

The WOD Nation Speed jump rope is an amazing choice if you’re looking for performance that lasts. The 6.75 inches long resin handles connect to the rope through two bearings at each handle. Not only this, the rope itself is built out of nylon-coated steel and an extra rope is shipped along with extra hardware and a carrying bag.  


EliteSRS Bullet COMP Jump Rope 

  • 5.5 inches aluminium handles with knurl grips 
  • Double ball-bearing technology makes it one of the fastest ropes on the planet 
  • New head design allows you to resize cables without tools 
  • Comes with a 10-foot nylon coated cable 

If pure speed is what you desire, then look no further than the Elite Bullet COMP jump rope. Claimed by EliteSRS as being the fastest rope on the planet, it uses a unique double ball-bearing system on each of its 1oz aluminium handles with knurl grips. These ropes were also recently used to set speed records at the US jump rope championship. 


Tangram Smart Jump Rope Rookie

  • Sleek handles with a double-bearing mechanism for fast skipping 
  • Exclusive mobile application lets you track your jumping stats 
  • Challenge your friends and gain access to skipping workouts 
  • Powered by a coin battery which lasts up to 9 months 
  • Can be connected to mobile (iOS or Android) or smartwatch via Bluetooth 

For tech enthusiasts, the Tangram Rookie is the dream jumping rope. Offering an exclusive mobile application, the Tangram Rookie allows you to count your jumps, calories burnt, and time spent jumping amongst other things. This is all apart from the sleek looking handles with a double-bearing mechanism and a sturdy 3-meter adjustable rope. 


Crossrope Get Lean 

  • Slim handles with a grippy texture useful in sweaty situations 
  • Two different weighted ropes (½ and ¼ lbs.) for different goals 
  • Fast-clip system for easy rope attach/detach 
  • Crossrope Trainer app gives access to lots of workouts, challenges and tutorials 
  • After-sale service and access to a community of 75,000 skippers 

Buying the Crossrope Get Lean is not only about getting the best quality but the best experience as well. Sure, the sturdy handles with the fast clip system and weighted ropes allow you to revamp your workouts. But the free workout app is the deal-breaker which gives you access to hundreds of workouts through which you can punch out a session anywhere! 


EliteSRS Elite Surge 2.0 

  • Machine-cut, anodized aluminum handles with foam grip 
  • Patented dual-ball bearing technology can handle up to 6-7 spins per second 
  • Can accept 6 different types of cables 
  • Easily adjustable cable length through screw/collar system 
  • Comes in 6 different colors and a storage bag 

If you’re getting started with your CrossFit workouts, the Elite Surge 2.0 might be something you should consider investing in. The jump rope handles are built from lightweight aluminum which consists of a dual-bearing technology that allows super-fast skipping speeds. You can also attach any of the six cables depending on your personal objectives. 


RopeFit Heavy Jump Rope 

  • Weighs 3 to 4 times more than standard, plastic ropes 
  • Made from premium-quality Poly Dacron rope which makes it sturdier 
  • Allows you to burn up to 1,000 calories per hour of skipping 
  • Strengthens your muscles including your shoulders and forearms 

If you’re looking to get in a serious workout that fires up your metabolism, the RopeFit heavy jump rope is your best option that will help you achieve your dream body. Weighing almost 5 pounds, this rope is around 3 to 4 times as heavy as others which will allow you to burn more calories and strengthen your muscles. It’s made out of high-quality Poly Dacron rope which makes it tougher. 


Rogue Fitness SR-1 Bearing Speed Rope 

  • Durable fibreglass handles with a matte finish for grip 
  • Ball-bearing allows you to achieve super-fast skipping speeds 
  • Best for double-unders and CrossFit 
  • Lightweight and easy to carry 

If you’re starting off with a CrossFit program or want to upgrade you skipping skills, the Rogue Fitness SR-1F is for you. The lightweight fibreglass handles with its bearing mechanism allows the rope to rotate smoothly. The coated wire cuts through the air easily, but couldn’t withstand much use and was a little difficult to adjust. 


Premium Jump Rope Golden Stallion 

  • Handles crafted out of natural wood ensure optimum durability 
  • Genuine leather rope which can be adjusted to your preferred length 
  • Ball-bearing mechanism allows the rope to rotate swiftly 
  • Removable weights integrated into the handles to increase the intensity of the workout 

If you prefer the classic old-school jump ropes made out of premium material, the Golden Stallion jump rope is for you. With handles constructed out of natural wood and rope made out of genuine leather, you can be sure that this rope will last a very long time. Not only this, but the rope is attached to ball-bearing which makes skipping smoother and allows you to adjust the rope according to your needs. 


Sonic Boom M2 High Speed Jump Rope 

  • Premium-quality silicone-coated hand grips 
  • 360-degree ball bearing allows smooth and swift rotations 
  • Self-locking screw technology for quick length adjustment 
  • Comes with a neoprene carry case and two 10-foot ropes 
  • Includes free online training course 

Getting into the premium range, the Sonic Boom M2 is a true professional’s choice, whether you’re a cross fitter or a serious athlete. Its anti-slip silicone-coated handles with 360-degree ball bearings let you experience speeds like never before. The 10-foot polymer-coated cables are built to last and can be easily adjusted through self-locking screws. 


DYNAPRO Limited TIME Offer Jump Rope 

  • Long 8.5 inches aluminium handles with grip for more control 
  • Bearing mechanism for smooth double-unders and skips 
  • PVC rope for durability and speed 
  • Easily adjustable rope optimal for all age groups 
  • 100% money-back guarantee for 1 year 

If you’re looking for a quality rope on a budget, you won’t find anything better than the Dynapro jumping rope. Made especially for boxers and martial artists, the rope consists of sturdy, extra-long aluminium handles with rubber gripping for better control. And the PVC rope along attached to the metal-bearing ensures smoother rotation and durability. 


Champion Sports PR16 Plastic Segmented Jump Rope 

  • Made out of durable plastic which will last a long time 
  • Red, blue and white contrast beads make the rope attractive 
  • Pack of two allows you to play double-dutch and other fun skipping games 
  • 16-foot long rope makes it easy for it to be used by anybody 

The Champion Sports Segmented jump rope is the perfect gift for your children. This segmented rope is a great tool to get your kids into skipping and will help them get a proper workout, not to mention how you can play double-dutch with this pair of ropes. The rope is durable, 16-foot long and, has handles that are quite easy to grip.   

Jump Rope FAQ’s

What are the benefits of jumping rope?

Rope jumping has been shown to have numerous benefits. It helps you burn a lot of calories, lose fat and engages multiple muscle groups. Jumping rope also helps improve your mental awareness and acts as a great source of cardio.

What is a speed jump rope?

A speed jump rope is basically an improved version of a regular jump rope which can help you achieve faster skipping speeds. It usually has a PVC or Nylon coated steel wire that’s connected at 90-degrees to the handles and is mostly used by professional skippers and speed jumping competition participants.

Is jumping rope better than running?

Jumping rope is better than running as it activates more muscle groups (core, arms, legs) and is much safer. This is because running places a lot of stress on your joints and heels, significantly increasing your chances of sustaining an injury.

How long of a jumping rope do I need?

In order to set the right length of a jumping rope, place your rope on the ground. Then, place one foot in the center of the jump rope and pull both the handles upwards till they’re fully stretched. Both the handles should be reaching about the height of your armpits. This is the optimal length for normal rope skipping.

What muscles does jump rope work?

Jumping rope is a complete body workout. In the lower body, it uses the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes and the calves to hop continuously. Your shoulders, forearms, biceps, and triceps also work together to spin the rope around you. Also, your core and back muscles are also recruited to maintain your posture and keep your balance.

Can jumping rope be called a HIIT?

If you have some experience with jumping rope, you can definitely do High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with it. It’s also a less time-consuming form of HIIT than say, running or using a treadmill yet will have the same intensity and benefits as any other workout.

How does jumping rope compare to running?

Compared to running, jumping rope burns more calories in lesser time. Jumping rope for just 10-minutes is the equivalent of a 30-minute run. Rope skipping at a slow pace is also equivalent to running at 5 mph, or 7 mph if you can jump rope at a fast pace.

Can you lose belly fat through jumping rope?

Losing 1 to 2 pounds of fat requires a caloric deficit of around 3,000-3,500 calories per week. And jumping rope for just an hour can help you burn around 1,000 calories. And since jumping rope activates your core too, you can lose belly fat through skipping much more conveniently than any other exercise.

Why should boxers jump rope?

Rope jumping helps boxers develop faster leg movement and allows them to improve their footwork. It also helps them develop their coordination skills as they’re rotating the handles while jumping simultaneously.

Buyer’s Guide On Picking the Best Jump Rope

Choosing the best jump rope can really confusing especially if you’re a beginner. Most of us just remember skipping with those cheap jump ropes in our schools that were made out of plastic and PVC. But the market has changed vastly, and there are tons of different jump ropes available these days in a variety of styles, qualities, and materials.

However, it doesn’t have to be all that confusing. We have prepared a customized guide for our readers so you could learn and choose the best jump rope for yourself, whether you’re a complete beginner or a professional athlete.

What kind of jump rope do you want?

There are a number of different jump ropes available currently in the market, each designed for a specific user. To start off with buying the right jump rope, first, you have to identify what actually do you need it for. According to our analysis, you should most probably fall in each one of these categories:

  • CrossFitter
  • Boxer/Martial Artist
  • Professional Rope Skipper
  • Regular Gym Goer

Read on below to find out which category you belong to and what rope would suit you best:


In the Crossfitters community, “double-unders” is perhaps the most common term that’s related to jump ropes. A double-under is basically an exercise where the skipper performs two complete rotations during a single jump.

Most Crossfitters aim to do as many double-unders as possible. And because double-unders require more work than a single rope skip, they require a faster rope and lighter handles. So for Crossfitters, the best option would be a Speed Rope.

Boxers/Martial Artist

Both boxers and martial arts require explosive leg movements and there’s really no better way to improve your footwork than skipping. Not only does skipping help you improve your agility and speed, but will also increase your stamina, coordination and endurance, all of which are crucial aspects of both sports.

Thus, for boxers and martial artists, the best rope would be a classic Wood and Leather rope, or a Freestyle rope. You could also choose a heavier jump rope to work your muscles and lose some extra pounds.

Professional Rope Skipper

If you’re a professional rope skipper, you’ll probably want the best of the best. As a professional skipper, you are likely to be competing in speed jumping competitions and even attempting to break world records. In this case, you’ll want the lightest and the fastest jump rope that’s out there. In this case, you should probably invest in a decent Professional Speed rope with steel wires.

Regular Gym Goer

If you’re a regular gym-goer, chances are you’re either a complete beginner who hasn’t skipped a rope in years or a regular skipper who has some control over their footwork. If you’re a beginner, you should probably choose a lightweight jump rope or a freestyle jump rope which will be more than enough as you progress. You could also opt for a smart jump rope which brings plenty of features and helps you track your workout amongst other things.

However, if you have some practice and experience skipping ropes, you could opt for a faster speed rope to help you improve your technique and perform an even tougher workout. Another scenario is that you’re aiming to lose weight through skipping. In that case, you should probably purchase a heavy jump rope. Not only will this help you shed heaps of fat, but will also tone your muscles and help you achieve a leaner body.

Parts of Jump Rope

Although there is a lot of variety when it comes to jumping ropes, it’s much easier to recognize the components of a jump rope and then choose the best one for your personal objectives. Here is an overview of the main components of a jump rope.


Handles are just as important to a jump rope as a body is to a car. They are the part with which you control the rope and its movement. Therefore, it’s essential that these handles are as comfortable as possible. In order to do so, look for these features in a handle:

  • Material: The best materials for jump rope handles are nylon resin, fiberglass, and aluminum. They’re both lightweight and durable which makes them easy to use during long workout sessions and makes them last longer.
  • Grip: If you’re skipping, it’s very likely that your hands are going to get slippery and the last thing you want is the handle to come flying out of your hand. Most handles will be covered in either rubber, silicone or foam. All of these materials help make the handles grippier and keeps them sticking to your hand.
  • Texture and Shape: Another thing you should look for is textured and wedged handles. Usually, resin handles have a matte texture which makes them stickier in sweaty hands, as do aluminum ones. Also, most resin handles will have a wedge at the end which prevents them from slipping out during skipping.


As we compared handles to the body previously, the cord can be compared to a car’s tires. And like car tires, the cord is the second most important component of a jump rope. Buying the right cable/cord is important to reach the right speed and increase your jump rope’s life. Here are a few common types of cables/cords available:

  • PVC Coated Cable: This type of cable has a stainless-steel wire at the center which is coated with PVC. These cables are great at cutting through the air and let you achieve fast skipping speeds. If you’re a regular skipper and want to get into speed jumping, a PVC coated cable is a great way to start. However, one flaw you should know is that they tend to wear down quite fast, especially if you skip on a rough surface. Also, they’re slightly more prone to coiling over time.
  • Nylon Coated Rope: This is the best and the fastest kind of cable you can get. It has the same steel wire, but instead of PVC, it’s covered in nylon. This means that it has the same cutting speed, yet is much more durable. Nylon tends to withstand wear much more than PVC and is much less likely to coil or kink over time. If you want to compete in speed jump competitions, this is the cable you want to get.
  • Leather Cord: A leather cord is a great option for starters or those who don’t require fast skipping speeds. It’s much more resistant to damage and will last for years to come. Also, because a leather cord is heavier, it will allow you to skip at slower speeds and get a more rigorous workout in.
  • PVC cord: This cord is made entirely out of PVC and tends to be thicker than a PVC coated cable. And although this cord is heavier, it’s much sturdier and will last a long time. If you’re a martial artist or a boxer, this could be a great option for you.


The pivot is a part of the handle which holds the cable/cord in place and lets it rotate freely. There are different pivot mechanisms and features that one should look for to improve their skipping experience. Here are some of the common ones:

  • Ball-bearing mechanism: You might remember the jump rope from your childhood where the cord was permanently attached to the handles. But these days, you can easily find a rope with a ball-bearing mechanism in every price range. Ball-bearing basically allows the cable/cord to spin faster and more freely without getting tangled. More so, you can even opt for a jump rope with a double-bearing mechanism which allows you to experience even faster and smoother skipping.
  • 90 vs 180-degree: In jump ropes, there are two basic options available. Either the cable/cord is attached directly to the handle at an angle of 180-degrees or to a bearing at 90-degrees. Mostly, 90-degree ropes tend to have double-bearing mechanisms and tend to spin faster than the 180-degree ones.
  • Resizing: Because each one of us has a different height, we need to adjust the cable/cord length according to our needs. Most manufacturers these days have made resizing the cable/cord very easy through new clip-on and screw systems that don’t require any tool. Thus, it’s best to have a rope whose length can be easily adjusted in a few seconds.


If you’ve read the whole article by now, you must be really hyped up to buy a jump rope for yourself too. Take our advice, and first go through our buyer’s guide which will help you get all the information necessary to pick the best jump rope. If you decide to invest in one of our recommended ones, they will last for years and years to come.