7 Best Push Up Bars – AKA Push-Up Handles

By Emily Aldridge | 2021 Update

Our today’s story is about tiny equipment which is often considered quite an insignificant one in our home gym. This small equipment provides versatility in the pushup performances. Also, it reduces wrist discomfort and pain. Are you wondering what it is? Yeah, I am talking about the push-up bars.

But here’s the truth:

Without a push-up bar, your gym will never be complete.

As unimportant as people may perceive it, the reality is that push up bars are great workout equipment if you are into weight training. This little tool can help you get closer to the floor while performing pushups. And since it offers a wide variety of benefits, people are becoming more inclined towards investing in their own push-up bars.

Today our goal is to help you narrow down your options and check out some of the best push up bars of the present time.

Don’t worry:

We ensure your gym is fully equipped with all the important equipment you need.  We have already reviewed many gym equipments before and hope we will continue to do the same in the future.

For now, let’s concentrate on push up bars. Let’s dive in right away.

Best Push-Up Bars – My Top Picks

Top ProductsBest Features
1. Garren Fitness Maximiza Push Up BarsMaximizes support for your wrists, strong chrome steel body, rubber coating on base for maximum stability and support
2. Elite Sportz Push Up BarA rotating design helps you reduce strain on the wrists, sturdy design lends support to your body, lightweight and easy to carry around
3. Perfect Fitness Perfect Pushup EliteRotating push-up bars offers better alignment during a workout, high-quality steel ball bearings, durable material used in construction
4. CAP Barbell Pair Of Push Up BarsSleek, chrome-plated, durable push-up bars, superior grip thanks to foam covering on handles, designed for ideal body positioning
5. Juperbsky Push-Up StandsPerfect workout solution for your upper body muscles, ideal for gymnast workouts or Pilates, expand your range of motion while minimizing wrist strain


Garren Fitness Maximiza Push Up Bars

  • Maximizes support for your wrists
  • Strong chrome steel body
  • Zero assembly required
  • Handles feature thick, foam pads
  • The rubber coating on base for maximum stability and support

This pair of push-up bars features a chrome steel body which makes it highly durable and long-lasting. They can withstand heavy loads of up to 100 kg, making it safe for all body weights and enabling good posture and form. This pair comes in two different versions—the 22mm diameter for beginners and the 25mm diameter version for pros. You can easily use it on any surface without any fear of jerky movements or slippage.


Elite Sportz Push Up Bar

  • A rotating design helps you reduce strain on the wrists
  • Sturdy design lends support to your body while you workout
  • Smoothly designed handles make the push-up experience more comfortable
  • No assembly required
  • Lightweight and easy to carry around

The unique design of this pair of push-up bars allows you to build muscle more efficiently, which means that you can get a defined physique in less time. Special steel ball bearings offer a perfectly smooth yet stable rotating movement for an even workout. Moreover, you can carry these push-up bars with you anywhere to enjoy a workout whenever you feel like it.


Perfect Fitness Perfect Pushup Elite

  • Rotating push-up bars offers better alignment during a workout
  • Equal distribution of body weight achieved with ergonomic grip design
  • High-quality steel ball bearings
  • The compact size makes it easy to store
  • Durable material used in construction

Get more out of your push-up routine when you use this pair of push-up bars. The slight rotating movement is meant to help you get more results from your exercise. You get a greater range of motion that allows you to add more intensity to your workout. Any risk to the wrist and back is eliminated because your elbows can support your body weight more evenly.


CAP Barbell Pair Of Push Up Bars

  • Sleek, chrome-plated, durable push-up bars
  • Superior grip thanks to foam covering on handles
  • Zero risk of slips with rubber covering on the base
  • Designed for ideal body positioning
  • Portable and easy to store

This pair of push-up bars is designed to maximize your benefits from your push-up routine. You will experience an immediate improvement in the quality and results of your push-ups along with greater stability. The design of these push-up bars offers greater grip, improved support and no strain on the wrists and back. The chrome-plated body is long-lasting and will serve you many years without corrosion or damage.


Juperbsky Push-Up Stands

  • Perfect workout solution for your upper body muscles
  • Ideal for gymnast workouts or Pilates
  • Expands your range of motion while minimizing wrist strain
  • High-quality steel body can withstand up to 2200 pounds pressure
  • Wide base for greater stability

If you’re looking for push-up stands for serious fitness enthusiasts, this is the one! Its durable steel body makes it a good investment for someone interested in a long-term commitment to a healthy body. The base is wider than normal push-up bars and is fitted with non-skidding caps at each end. The material is non-corrosive and features cushioned grips for added comfort. You can easily perform push-ups, handstands, L-sits and more with these bars.


Power Press Push Up

  • Designed to provide a holistic workout for chest, arm and back muscles
  • Focus on different muscle groups by following the color codes
  • Non-skid design allows use on any kind of surface
  • Large grips enable better and more stable hold
  • Easy to assemble and store

This is a unique color-coded push-up board that makes it easy for anyone to give each part of your upper body a customized workout. You can choose from 14 different workouts simply by changing the placement of your hands. You can even increase the intensity of your workouts without putting your body at risk of strain or injury. This equipment also comes with a 10-week exercise routine to help you see quick results.


Perfect Fitness Push Up Stands

  • Specially designed pair of push-up handles with a non-slip base
  • Can be easily stacked one upon the other
  • Grips are padded for a comfortable workout
  • Balances your body weight evenly
  • Compact design makes storage easy

With every push-up you take with this pair of push-up handles, you will feel your muscles becoming stronger. Though the design is simple, it allows you to try out different variations to work on different muscles of your body. Your wrists remain stable allowing your body to be perfectly balanced and in good posture. They can easily fit into any travel case so that you carry your mini gym with you everywhere.


Legend Pushup: Push Up Bars + Stability Trainer

  • These specially designed push-up bars promote strength and stability
  • Develop muscle faster without the wrist strain
  • Increase strength in your arms, shoulders, and chest
  • Vary your workout from stable to rocking mode
  • Suitable for all body types

With this push-up bar, you can develop strength and stability at the same time. Far more exciting than regular push-up bars, this pair features a special design that activates more muscles and eliminates any wrist pain, no matter what your body type. The unique rocking mode comforts your wrists while giving your body a great workout. The handles are large and ergonomically designed to provide stability.


Aihoye Push Up Bars

  • Lightweight push-up bars with foldable handle design
  • No-slip design gives a super stable workout without any risk of collapsing underweight
  • Foam covering provides padding for safety and comfort
  • Foldable design and carry bag make it easy to move around
  • Made for high endurance workouts and tolerates high pressure

The Aihoye Push Up Bars activate muscles in different regions, giving you a full upper body workout. Moreover, you can vary your workout in order to focus on your biceps, abs, triceps, deltoids and other parts of your upper body. This pair features an ergonomic design with pads that offer support and minimize strain on your joints.


KANSOON Steel Push Up Bars

  • Specially corrugated foam covered handles offer excellent grip
  • Strong steel body withstands intense pressure
  • S-shaped design offers increased stability and endurance
  • Highly resistant to corrosion and lasts longer
  • Non-skid base which does not damage the flooring

This is a high-value pair of push-up bars as it is designed to tolerate up to 440 pounds of weight. It is completely safe for all body types. Specially designed with 20mm diameter carbon-steel alloy tubing, this pair is thicker than ordinary push-up bar tubings which makes it more durable and effective. It does not corrode or produce any odor and will last a long time.


JBM Perfect Muscle Push Up Bars

  • Super lightweight and easy to store
  • Polypropylene body strong enough to support your body weight
  • Anti-skidding base offers stability and support
  • No assembly required
  • Ideal for beginners

The JBM Perfect Muscle Push Up Bars feature an ergonomic, polypropylene body. The base and handles are protected with a high-quality rubber that offers an excellent grip while minimizes any chances of slipping, no matter what the surface. You can use it to position the handles in different angles and modify your workouts. It is easy to carry around which means you can use it at home or take it along with you to the gym.


Perfect Basic Pushup

  • Rotating push-up handles minimize wrist strain for an intense workout
  • Targets muscles in the chest, arms shoulders, and back
  • High-quality ball bearings produce smooth rotating motion
  • Rubber grips offer stability, balance and safe grip
  • Can be used by starters and pros equally

Perfect Pushup consists of high quality rotating push-up handles that allow you to target more muscles in your workout than a normal push-up routine. You can create different alignments involving your wrists, back, arms, and core region to build muscle and strength. Safety is maximized through the use of strong rubber grips to promote even and smooth movements.

Buyer’s Guide

The task of buying the right push-up bars can be a little daunting, keeping in mind the variety and styles available today. To help you with this task, we are sharing some important information that will help you distinguish between the different types to be able to make a smart choice. Our motive is to help you get the best push-up bars available, keeping the most important factors in mind.

Here’s everything you need to know about buying the best push-up bars.

The Function of Push-Up Bars

Push-up bars consist of a pair of handles fixed on the base. These are widely used to get better results from push-ups by providing a wider range of movements. Compared to standard push-ups, with push-up bars, the hands are positioned slightly above the floor, which gives you more room to lower your chest below the level of the hands.

The typical design of a push-up bar consists of U-shaped handles. The bars are placed on the floor with a reasonable distance between them. The bars are often cushioned with rubber or foam to provide a better grip and more stability to the user.

In some push-up bars, the design includes a rotating feature. As the person grips, the handle and the body are raised and lowered, the handles rotate to create a twisting motion. This promotes better balance and targets more muscle groups in the body especially the muscles in the core region.

The most common materials used in creating push-up bars are steel and plastic. Plastic ones are lightweight and more easily portable compared to steel push-up bars, which are heavier and stronger.

How to Exercise with Push-Up Bars

The exercises you can do with push-up bars are not simply limited to push-ups. You can do any type of exercise to work the upper body region. Depending on the specific design of your push-up bars, you can perform chest flies, crossovers, dumbbell presses, and flies.

You can achieve even better results by holding your body in a plank pose. Even slight modifications in the position, distance, and angle of the push-up bars can help you target different regions of the body, such as the upper arms, shoulders, back, and chest.

Types of Push-Up Bars

So you thought there was only one type of push-up bar? Well, to your surprise, here are the most common types of push-up bars that you should know about:

Steel Push-Up Bars

Steel push-up bars are usually the strongest and most durable type of push-up bars available. They are also more expensive than the plastic variants. Steel push-up bars feature two popular designs. The U-shaped bars feature U-shaped piping along with hand grips.

Each end of the steel tubing is connected to a plastic foot that serves as the base. These bars offer a better grip with the floor and due to the high strength, they can withstand strong loads as well. As a result, they are better suited for more intense and longer workouts.

Plastic Push-up Bars

Compared to steel push-up bars, the plastic push-up bars are an affordable alternative. They have a simple design yet are not as easy to use. For example, many plastic push-up bars do not come with handgrips, which creates some strain on the wrist muscles, especially when you do large repetitions. They also do not absorb sweat, which causes your grip to weaken due to the moisture.

Also, because the grips are absent, the tubing or shaft has a tendency to hurt the hand, resulting in you tiring out faster. At each end of the plastic tubing is a foot that is capped with a piece of rubber. Even though they are meant to offer a good grip with the floor, they tend to slide sometimes, even when you place them on a carpeted floor.

Because plastic is not as hard as steel, the handles bend after even moderate use. If you weigh above than the average range for your body, you will find it even more difficult to work with these push-up bars as the handles will bend at each rep.

Block Push-Up Bars

Block push-up bars look a lot like the shock pads used in hospitals. They feature a square design, flat base, and well-defined edges. They are not as ergonomic as other kinds of push-up bars on the market because of their angular design. However, they are made of plastic and are quite affordable and lightweight.

Rotating Push-Up Bars

Rotating push-up bars are designed in the form of a pair of circular discs to which handles are attached. A couple of ball bearings are placed at the base that creates a rotating movement when you twist the handles. This increases the intensity of the workout while also allowing a greater range of motion.

Of all the different types of push-up bars, these are perhaps the most expensive and are particularly suitable for pros.

How to Select the Most Suitable Push-Up Bars

Here comes the interesting part – selecting the best push-up bars!

It is important to pay attention to certain factors to determine the type and quality you must invest in. The information here will help you make the daunting task of choosing the most suitable push-up bars easier. Keep reading!


Steel, chrome, plastic, and rubber are the most common materials used in push-up bars. Steel and chrome are basically designed for heavy users and those with heavier bodyweight. Plastic push-up bars are better suited for beginners or those with a lean body. They tend to be less durable but more affordable than steel and chrome bars.


A push-up bar is a pretty basic product. However, different manufacturers offer a number of features to make it a better investment. If you visit the market, you will commonly find push-up bars being sold with workout calendars, diet menus, and even exercise DVDs.


The amount you end up paying for the push-up bar basically depends on the basic bar and handles. The better the quality and design, the pricier the product. Plastic is a good option for cost-conscious buyers while there are more expensive models offering better design features. In addition, some companies offer warranties on their push-up bars.


The features available with push-up bars include a basic set of handles while some include a bar. Then there is the rotating push-up bar that gives more movement than a standard push-up bar. The quality of the handle is also influenced by the material used in the grips as well as the overall design of the grips.


Different models of push-up bars are designed for a particular usage. If you want a push-up bar for your home, then you would be more concerned about color and shape as well as storage and assembly. If you are a fitness trainer or professional, then you would be more interested in a durable and lightweight design.


What makes push-up bars so special?

The great thing about push-ups is that you do not need any equipment to perform them. Basically, it is your body acting against its own weight, which is how you tone up and build muscle. Push-ups are also a great form of a compound exercise since you use multiple muscle groups of the body at the same time to perform various movements. Overall, this gives you benefits in different parts of the body.

How can a push-up handle or bar help me with my workout?

Typically, push-ups can be performed simply by using your body, and without using any push-up handle or bar. But, if you invest in one, you will enjoy two important benefits.

First, you will add some protection to your wrist. For a lot of people, doing push-ups can be challenging because it places a lot of pressure on the wrists. People with weight problems or joint-related issues can experience this problem more severely. The problem becomes worse when people choose to ignore it and continue doing push-ups thinking that the body will simply get used to it. The pain can become so intense that it prevents you from maintaining the correct form when doing push-ups.

Second, push-up bars help you to perform a greater variety of movements that gives you better overall results. It increases your range of motion through which you can target different areas and muscle groups of your body. As a result, you experience a faster and more balanced increase in volume and strength.

What is the use of rotating push-up handles?

Push-up bars offer a unique twist to your workout routine by embedding a rotating feature. Basically, the function of the rotating handle is to increase or decrease the intensity of your workout which helps you to target muscles in different parts of your core and arms. So the same piece of equipment can help you develop your workout and produce results over a longer period of time.

Can I use push-up bars for weight training?

Definitely, push-ups bars add value to your routine since they promote better form than ordinary push-ups. They help to distribute your body weight more evenly, which helps you achieve uniform muscle growth on both sides of your body.

Generally, with ordinary push-ups, your chest can dip only as low as your hands, which restricts the range of movement that is possible. With push-up bars, because your hands are gripping the bar, you can lower your chest even further, giving that extra bit of tension and range of motion to your muscles.

Are push-up boards as effective as push-up bars?

Push-up boards are also quite effective as workout equipment provided they are produced by a reliable manufacturer. It is a simple device that allows you to adjust your workout intensity by moving the handles around. Simply by moving the handles to different degrees, you can target muscles in different areas.

If you use it in the proper way, a push-up board can be a great complement to your push-up bar. But you must remember to focus on other muscle groups in your body to achieve a uniform and consistent look.


The variety of push up bars available in the market is quite overwhelming. There are pros and cons associated with each option and therefore, it is important to read and compare before you make up your mind.

The best way to determine the most suitable push-up bars for you is to ensure it matches your specific needs. Naturally, the push-up bars with more features will have a steeper price tag, but comparing your options will help you lock a great deal at a bargain.

Also, do not invest in equipment just because it has a lot of features. Stick to the ones that are more important for your workout type. There’s no point in buying costly equipment if it does not match your requirements. In addition to your needs and budget, it’s the quality of the material that’s most important when making up your mind.

So use this information wisely and get your hands on the best push up bars to stay fit!

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