The 7 Best Cheap Fixie Bikes

By Emily Aldridge | 2021 Update

Generally known as fixed-gear bicycles, fixies are pretty popular now for recreation, commuting, and activities. Another reason for their popularity, especially when compared with all-terrain bikes, is that they are way lighter. You can instantly boost your maneuverability with a fixie and experience great joy in riding this bicycle.

Here’s what you need to know:

Due to so much popularity, a lot of manufacturers are offering a great range to choose from. Naturally, the odds of buying a low-quality fixe also increase. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the details and know exactly what you need to buy.

To make it simple:

We have listed the best cheap fixie bikes for you in this article. The reviews will help you make an informed decision. So without further ado, let’s dig in right away.

Best Cheap Fixie Bikes – My Top Picks

Top ProductsBest Features
1. Captain Marvel Single-Speed BikeSpecially designed 28-inch wide wheels, steel-manufactured frame, caliper braking system offers safety and stability
2. State Bicycle Co. Contender IILightweight chrome and steel frame, strong and light carbon fork, sleek and aerodynamic saddle for comfort
3. Retrospec Harper Single-Speed Fixed Gear Urban Commuter BikeComes with a flip hub to enable switchover to freewheel riding, strong steel frame and fork, double brakes for safety
4. Pure Fix Premium Fixed Gear Single Speed BicycleThe drop bars are pre-wrapped for high support, lightweight and durable chrome body, slim tires provide maximum speed
5. Golden Cycles Vader Fixed Gear BikeStrong steel frame and fork, alloy handlebar for ease of navigation, chainring style crank offers easy maintenance


Captain Marvel Single-Speed Bike

  • Specially designed 28-inch wide wheels
  • A steel-manufactured frame and racing fork for maximum strength
  • A lightweight fixie bike that is easy to maintain
  • Comes with a hub and cogs
  • Caliper braking system offers safety and stability

This fixie model is perfect for urban riding, especially for long daily commutes. You conserve more energy because you are not shifting gears all the time. Pedaling is smooth whereas the handlebar offers a strong grip for stable and safe riding.


State Bicycle Co. Contender II

  • Lightweight chrome and steel frame
  • A strong and light carbon fork
  • Specially designed for cruising
  • Sleek and aerodynamic saddle for comfort
  • Rear and front braking mechanism

This is a strong and lightweight fixie bike that is perfect for cruising as well as competitive racing. The bike is easy to control as it is highly responsive and lightweight, as well as simple to maintain. It comes with a range of components to make the riding experience more fun.


Retrospec Harper Single-Speed Fixed Gear Urban Commuter Bike

  • Comes with a flip hub to enable switchover to freewheel riding
  • Strong steel frame and fork
  • Double brakes for safety
  • Freestyle pedals for smooth riding
  • Weighs less than 220 pounds

This is one of the lightest fixie bikes and comes in different sizes. The seat can be extended to suit your height while the freestyle pedals make it easy to ride at high speeds. The bike is easy to assemble and gives a perfectly smooth ride.


Pure Fix Premium Fixed Gear Single Speed Bicycle

  • The drop bars are pre-wrapped for high support
  • Lightweight and durable chrome body
  • Easy to switch from fixed-speed to freewheel
  • Slim tires provide maximum speed
  • All components are branded and high quality

This bike features a drop bar that is pre-wrapped to give you a perfect grip and body alignment. You can maximize your performance on this bike thanks to its compact frame and lightweight. The frame and components come with a manufacturer’s warranty, which assures you of the safety of this bike.


Golden Cycles Vader Fixed Gear Bike

  • Strong steel frame and fork
  • Brakes provided in rear and front wheels
  • Alloy handlebar for ease of navigation
  • Chainring style crank offers easy maintenance
  • Flip flop hub to allow a choice of riding style

This bike is an amazing combination of performance and convenience in fixed-gear riding. Handling this bike is easy enough for beginners and experts thanks to front and rear brakes. You can use the flip flop hub to switch over to freewheel mode and relax your leg muscles.


6KU Aluminum Fixed Gear Single-Speed Fixie Urban Track Bike

  • Double alloy, smooth and lightweight body
  • Easy switching over to freewheeling via flip-flop hub
  • Double-walled wheels to protect tires
  • Detachable brakes allow easy maintenance
  • Comes in a range of 10 colors

This model is designed with 6061 aluminum which makes it exceptionally lightweight and easy to carry around. You can choose whether you want to pedal or coast simply by switching the hub to freewheel mode. The bike is particularly easy to navigate through the busy city traffic and winding streets.


Fyxation Eastside Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Bike

  • Lightweight chrome frame and fork
  • Flip flop hub to alternate between fixed gear and freewheel riding
  • Aesthetically designed body
  • Bearing wheels are sealed for a seamless ride
  • Wide diameter, slim tires to increase speed

This bike is designed for high speeds and durability. It comes with a flip flop hub that helps to maintain the bike and offer different riding experiences. It is a perfect bike to ride within the city either in a single-gear mode or coasting mode.


Retrospec Mantra V2 Urban Commuter Bike

  • Features a strong and durable steel frame
  • Front and rear-wheel braking mechanism
  • Flip flop hub sealed within a cartridge for safety
  • Branded tires and freestyle pedals
  • Deep wheel rims to secure the tires easily

This fixie bike features a solid frame and gives a smooth riding experience. The bike is mostly pre-assembled which reduces the time required to put it together. The caliper braking system provides greater safety while the tires offer a comfortable ride.


Big Shot Bikes Single Speed or Fixed Gear Options

  • Designed for urban and track riding
  • A simple mechanism for switching to single speed mode
  • Tempered steel body for maximum strength
  • Deep rimmed wheels
  • Pre-wrapped handlebars

This is a perfect single-speed fixie bike for urban riding as well as track racing. It is an affordable and sleek model while offering high quality. Thanks to the flip flop hub mechanism you can ride the bike in single gear or single speed whenever you feel like it.


Retrospec Critical Cycles Classic Fixed-Gear Single-Speed Track Bike

  • Hand-crafted bike with strong steel frame
  • Deep walled wheels to support the tires
  • Flip flop hub mechanism
  • Low profile freestyle pedals
  • Rubber gripped handlebars

This fixie bike has been designed for style and comfort. It features a strong steel body and bullhorn handlebars that make navigation and control easy. It also allows you to vary your position comfortably during long rides and maintain a good speed. Other features include a flip flop hub, Protek crank, and sealed bottom bracket.


SXL Expressway Aluminum Urban Single Speed – Fixie Bike

  • Super-lightweight aluminum body
  • Wide frame to increase stability and speed
  • Flip flop hub and crank
  • Deep walled wheels
  • Available in 3 sizes

This is a cool and top-performing fixie bike designed for urban commuting and exercise. The bike is easy to maintain and is pretty durable thanks to the branded components and parts. Caliper brakes allow efficient braking through the front and rear wheels. The cabling is also quite tidy and keeps the cables out of the way.


Vilano Rampage Fixed Gear Fixie Single Speed Road Bike

  • Options to ride in fixed gear or freewheel style
  • Chainring can be easily replaced
  • Wheels and hubs are anodized
  • Free pair of pedals
  • Double-walled wheels

This one is a high-performance and easy to maintain bike, especially because it does not come with a full set of gears. It boasts of a classic appearance which makes it a stylish looking bike. The flip flop hub allows you to change your riding mode to freewheel when you are in the mood for coasting.

Buyer’s Guide

Buying a fixie bike is a decision that presents many challenges. It can be confusing to make a choice between single gear and fixed gear bikes, especially if you don’t know the difference between them.

In fact, there are many important distinctions between these two popular bikes that you must be aware of to make an informed decision. This guide presents all of this information in an easy to understand manner, explaining everything there is to know about freewheeling and fixie bikes, their components, and the situations in which one is preferable over the other.

Fixie Or Freewheel – Which’s a Better Bike Option

When considering whether to invest in a single-speed or fixed gear bike with a freewheeling option, there are various factors to consider. In order to make the best decision, it is important to be aware of the differences between these two bikes and the benefits of each.

The bicycle that comes with a freewheel which offers you a biking experience most closely resembling the typical multiple-gear biking experience. It features a fixed ration of gears, which allows you to enjoy coasting when riding downhill in order to relax your muscles.

Coasting has its benefits, of which relaxing is just one. The other and perhaps more important one is safety. In case you hit a pothole, it is not always possible to continue paddling at the same speed. In such cases, this bike helps you to keep moving without necessarily applying any force. However, you can choose to invest in a fixie for other reasons.

It gives you a better workout compared to a typical single-speed bike. The fixie allows you to exercise your muscles better.

Fixie bikes contribute to helping you become a smoother biker. This is a great skill to have, especially if you tend to bike in areas prone to bad weather. In fact, you can even pedal backward when the situation requires, even though this is not the best of practices.

For those who are familiar with multiple gear bikes, a single-speed freewheel is a good option. The shift is not always a smooth one and it takes some time getting used to the new bike and not being able to coast.

Despite these differences, the choice between single speed and fixed gear bikes is not an all or none thing. Nowadays, there are models that come with a flip-flop hub fitted in the rear of the bike. With this innovation, you can easily switch between the fixed gear and freewheel modes on the same bike. This lets you enjoy both riding experiences without having to buy two different bikes.

Fixed Gear vs. Singlespeed or Both

There are several models of fixed gear bikes on the market that can also serve as single-speed bikes. The difference between them is not as significant but very important. Both types of bikes come with just one gear. But the single-speed bike comes with a freewheel that is fitted on the rear part of the bike. This means you can coast on this bike. The cranks stop moving and only resume movement when you begin pedaling. 

Fixed gear bikes work differently. In such bikes, there is no freewheeling option. The cog remains in spinning mode all the time. Some of the more advanced models of fixed-gear bikes have a mechanism in which the speed of the cranks is relative to the wheel and tire. When you brake, each pedal is locked separately. You can also pedal backward on this bike.

Both types of bikes are designed for urban riding. They are a low-cost option and unless you ride them in hilly areas, they are easy to maintain. The typical speed ranges between 15 mph to 60 mph, although this takes some practice.

Compared to mountain bikes, these bikes tend to be slower as they have fewer gears. However, they are less expensive while offering a good speed range. Another good feature of these bikes is that they are not as noisy as other types of bikes.

Components of a Fixie Bike

Fixie bikes comprise of several components, some of which are designed for durability while others are designed for performance and comfort. Each has its own function to perform and the higher quality ones necessarily offer better performance.

Fork and Frame

The fork and frame are designed together and ultimately determine your riding position, i.e. whether you lean forward while riding or sit upright. Bikes designed for speed feature a fork and frame that require you to lean forward. These are generally made of aluminum (for lightweight), steel (for strength) or carbon fiber alloy (to combine lightweight and strength).

Flip-Flop Hub

This component features a hub with two cogs. It allows you to alternate between fixed gear and single-speed modes on the same bike.

Wheels and Tires

These bikes typically feature 700cc tires or even narrower ones for high-speed bikes. Generally, slightly wider tires are preferred if you usually bike on roads or rough terrain.  


Handlebars come in different designs, including bullhorns (for racing), drop bars (for aerodynamic riding), flat bars (for easy control), and riser bars (for single speed bikes).


Brakes can be single or dual depending on the manufacturer and the regulations of your area.

Using Your Fixed Gear Bike – Everything You Need to Know

The purpose of riding is another factor that helps you decide which bike to go for. Whether you want to use it for recreation, daily commuting or racing, there are many options to choose from. Off-trail biking also offers many models. Everything from the design of the frame to the thickness of the tires depends on your purpose. Generally, fixed gear bikes are suitable for daily commuting because they are easy to use.


What exactly is a fixie bike?

Fixed gear or fixie bikes are fitted with a fixed wheel. In simple words, they consist of a drivetrain but no freewheeling system. The cog or sprocket of the drivetrain is threaded to the back wheel hub directly. This allows the pedals to be coupled with the wheel directly. The benefit is that on long rides you need to apply less force to travel a long distance.

How do I pick the right fixie bike?

Size and shape are the two most important things one must consider in a fixie bike. The size of the frame should allow you to reach the pedal comfortably and easily. Also, a fixie that has a smaller frame and wheelbase is preferable to the larger frame of a conventional bike. Make sure that the distance between the vertical frame and the steering tubes is as short as possible.

How to determine the right size of a fixie bike before buying one?

The correct size depends on your height. If you are interested in purchasing a single-speed fixie bike, then you must look at the frame size and inside leg space, and match this to your height. The chart below should serve as a useful guide.

Height (cm)   Inside Leg (cm)       Frame Size (inches)

  • 155 to 160     68 to 73                      19”
  • 160 to 165     71 to 78                      20”
  • 165 to 170     74 to 78                      20.5”
  • 170 to 175     76.2 to 81                   21.25”
  • 175 to 180     79 to 84                      22”
  • 180 to 185     81 to 86                      23”
  • 185 to 190     84 to 89                      23.5”

What’s the purpose of a great fixie bike?

A fixie bike generally has a shorter chain than a regular bike. It also features a straight chain line and does not use derailleur pulleys. All of these factors enable energy to be transferred from your body to the wheels more efficiently, especially when you need to travel long distances on your bike.

Does riding a fixie bike add more strain to the knees and joints than a regular bike?

Fixie bikes feature strong braking systems to avoid any strain on any part of your body. If for some reason, the braking system does not work properly, you might have to add additional force with your legs, which places more strain on your knee joints. Also, if you have generally weak leg muscles then riding a fixie bike on steep inclines can add to the knee strain.

Can I take my fixie bike up hills?

Care needs to be taken especially when riding up or down steep hills because fixie bikes don’t allow you to shift gears. The absence of lower gears makes it difficult to climb steep surfaces, but riding downhill is also difficult because you need to pedal continuously instead of simply coasting down the surface.

Can I pedal backward on a fixie?

Yes, it is. In fact, it is necessary because fixie bikes don’t allow you to coast. Thus, you need to keep pedaling all the time, either forwards or backward to ride at a reasonable speed.

Are fixie bikes fast?

There is no difference in the speed at which you can ride a fixie bike or a conventional freewheeling bike. The harder you pedal, the faster you will go as the force is channeled to the back wheel of your bike. The gear does not shift at all.


Both fixed gear and single-gear bikes have their benefits. It all boils down to how you want to use your bike and your preferred riding style. Of course, other things like budget and comfort also matter as much as design, weight and style preferences.

The information shared here will guide you in buying the best bike for yourself regardless of the purpose. So use this information wisely and don’t forget to check out our list of the best cheap fixie bikes to narrow down your options.

Which bike did you love the most? Tell us in the comments below.

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