How to Make a Sauna Suit?

By Emily Aldridge | 2020 Update

People who quickly want to lose some weight often go about finding a sauna suit.

A sauna suit is simply a suit which traps body heat and promotes rapid weight loss. You can check out the best sauna suits for weight loss here OR you can simply make you very own sauna suit yourself.

You will need the following things:

  1. Plastic Trash Bags ( Two in Quantity & 30 gallons each )
  2. Fleece sweatpants & sweatshirt
  3. Permanent marker
  4. Cotton undershirt & underwear

Most of these things could be found on

7 Simple to Follow Steps to make your sauna suits

Apologize in advance for not putting up pictures with each step!

Step #1: In the bottom center of one large trash bag, cut an almost 15 cm round hole.

Step #2: Cut a 10 cm round hole in each of the bottom corners. These holes should be about 3 cm above the bag’s base.

Step #3: Lay the other trash bag flat on the floor with the opening facing upwards. Lie down on the trash bag enabling your waistline to be even with the trash bag’s opening edge & your ankles are about 15 cm apart.

Step #4: Trace 5 cm on either side of your hips & legs with your marker and cut along the line through both layers of the bag. The extra 5 cm is needed to give the home-made suit a loose fit for the workout.

Step #5: Tape the two cutout layers of plastic bag together along the side seams with long strips of duct tape. Leave the openings at the ankles & waist unsealed.

Step #6: Put cotton undershirt & underwear on directly before wearing anything. Now, put on the trash bags.

Step #7: Pull-on sweatshirt & sweatpants for enhanced insulation.

Addition Tip: Use rubber bands and duct tape to keep excess trash bag plastic close to you.


The video kind of shows you how to make this but I didn’t make this video. Some of the steps are not clear in the video but just watch it for an overall picture.

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