The 7 Best Underwire Sports Bras

By Emily Aldridge | 2020 Update

The best underwire sports bra for most women is the Champion Double Dry Sports bra. It is one of the best underwire sports bras available if you are looking for a super supportive, yet a comfortable bra.

Made specifically for high endurance workouts, it can work to eliminate bouncing and rolling, that can occur while you are exercising.

It also works to control natural breast movement when participating in activities that include aerobics, horseback riding, basketball, and soccer. The materials used to construct this bra are sturdy, high-quality fabrics.

The Bra gets an excellent rating on amazon and is available in Black, Soft Taupe, White & Asphalt-White.

If for some reason the Champion Double Dry Sports bra is unavailable or out of stock, the Playtex Outgoer Sports bra is our runner-up. (Read in-depth reviews below)

Best Underwire Sports Bras

Champion Women’s Double Dry Distance Underwire Sports Bra

Using a mix of spandex, polyester, and nylon, this sports bra can withstand hours of exercise and hold its original shape.

It has a hidden plastic underwire that is wrapped in a cushion- tripled layer for added coziness. Several layers of material are used to reinforce the cup area and to avoid any embarrassing pop through situations.

Another strong point is the bra straps. They stretch with movement but still remain firm to maintain a strong hold. The bra itself molds to the skin to support, but it doesn’t feel tight or restricting.

The scoop down front and V-back design offer enough to keep you fully covered, while at the same time cool and comfortable. It has support panels sewn into the side of each cup, that stretch and move with the bra.

Unlike other sports bras with underwire that can be hard to put on and take off, it has an easy to reach back closure and it does not have any special cleaning instructions because it is machine washable. There is also no irritating sewn in tags, that can scratch and hurt when working out.

One of the best features about this bra is its ability to keep you dry while exercising. Nothing is worse than getting into an activity and having to stop, due to moisture build up and show-through sweat stains. Dampness anywhere around the breast can cause itching, heat bumps, and even rashes.

Using moisture management technology, Champion created a durable, fully functional bra, which also works to repel and keep perspiration away from the skin. This technology can make an otherwise humid and damp activity, cooling and pleasurable.

Things We Liked

  • Secures the breast for maximum movement
  • Isn’t bulky and looks like a regular bra
  • Works great for fuller figured women
  • Comfortable and provides great bounce control

Things We Didn’t Like

  • May be better suited for moderate impact instead of High impact exercises

Playtex Women’s Play Outgoer Underwire Lightly Lined Sports bra

The Playtex Outgoer Sports bra is a lightweight but nevertheless dependable sports bra. It covers enough area to hold everything in place securely but it is also small enough to be worn in any sporty situation.

Although it can support any small to medium cup size, it can also hold up for women with a fuller bust line. It is made with a soft, stretchy fabric that outshines other sports bras with underwire. It’s ideal for weight training, fast walking, and other moderate activities.

This bra is constructed with spandex, polyester, and nylon and these materials are strategically placed for a reinforced fit and maximal luxury.

The front center cup and back are made with sturdy materials and lined with silky polyester. The center belt lining and top cup are made with a mix of nylon and spandex that enhances movement and also works to keep you cool. It has a supportive hook and eye closure that makes for an easy access and a front adjustable strap for lift and control.

The padding over the cups is cozy and smooth but it can still work to cover up the nipple area. To maintain the soft feel of the bra, it is recommended that it only be gently hand washed.

Another important feature about this bra, is its special supportive properties, but only in the right places. It offers fuller cups for complete coverage and no spillage. Wider over the shoulder straps, to ensure comfort and to avoid painful creases. It also has taller side panels, for a better fit and to reduce any unsightly bumps or protruding skin.

Things We Liked

  • It has an exceptional level of comfort
  • Rounds out the breast to make it more natural looking
  • Can be worn every day
  • Adjustable straps that stay in place

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The cup sizes run a bit small

Natori Women’s Cotton Underwire Sports Bra

Another bra which could be easily added to the best underwire sports bras list is the Natori cotton sports bra.

It can really hold up while exercising but the thing that stands out the most about this bra is its stylish design. It has wider shoulder straps that reach their maximum width only at the top of the shoulders.

It also has sea shell shaped cups, that are appealing to the eye. Although this is considered to be a bra, it can be worn with or without a top covering and could be used as a crop top. It also has many other agreeable features.

It is made with a blend of polyester, spandex and cotton, which makes it very soft to the touch. The oval shaped bra has an underwire for lift and the molded cups offer complete coverage.

Even though the cups are large enough to keep everything in place, the bra is still attractive and sexy. But when it comes to comfort, it’s the cotton that makes this bra exclusive.

The cotton blending offers a variety of things. It enables the bra to move and stretch with the body. It is very soft and comfortable and it absorbs any excess moisture and keeps it away from the skin, unlike other bras with nylon blending. It can hold everything in place and work to minimize any irritations. The straps in the back are brought in close to each other and this helps to maintain lift and a firm hold.

To avoid any underwire protrusion, it is recommended that this bra only be hand washed. This also increases its longevity.

Things We Liked

  • Lifts and separates the breasts
  • Material is very absorbent and sturdy
  • Doesn’t squish the breasts
  • Holds its shape even during strenuous activity

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Cups made the breasts cone-shaped or pointy

Champion Women’s Powerback Under Wire Sports bra

The Champion Powerback Sports bra is a silky, subtle and a hardy addition to sports bras.

It’s feminine and polished but don’t let the sleek design fool you. Although it doesn’t look like a typical sports bra, it is well-made and strong and can hold everything in place.

It can be worn during low to moderate activities but It is perfect for high endurance workouts. Running, mountain biking, playing volleyball, playing tennis or jogging can be intimidating when trying to choose the right sports bra. But they can all be done while wearing the Champion Powerback bra.

This bra is made of Spandex, nylon and mesh are strategically placed to cover the top and the sides of the breast. This is done to eliminate any heat or moisture from the breast area and this can work to keep the area cool.

The underwire is encased for added comfort and it has a back eyed closure, which is also cushioned. The padded cups cover the entire breast area and the shoulder straps are widened for added lift and control. Although the bra can be worn by women of all sizes, its features are optimal for women who have larger cup sizes.

The mesh panel combined with the scooped neck and cup provides maximum secureness and bounce prevention. The bra itself will have stretch and allow a range of comfortable motion but it also has a back stabilizer for extra protection and comfort. If you were looking for the ultimate bra that supports, offers stability and still looks good enough to be worn with any outfit, then this is the sports bra for you.

Things We Liked

  • Extremely comfortable fit
  • Great option for women with a larger cup size
  • Provides nice separation and lift
  • Wicks away sweating or moisture

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Very difficult to put on

Freya Women’s Active Underwire Molded Sports Bra

The Freya Molded Sports bra is pretty and comes in several different eye-catching colors but most importantly, it delivers when it comes to holding everything in place.

It also offers many features, that other sports bras with underwire, may not have. For example, the bras have molded cups, which work to surround the breast and hold it firmly instead of just compressing it.

These cups are made to cover the entire breast to eliminate slippage or protruding bumps. They have thicker, padded shoulder straps to provide support and comfort through the shoulder area and a racerback option for lift and separation.

All of these things are important for all levels of workouts but you wouldn’t expect them all to be included into such a lightweight and smaller type of bra.

These bras are made from a blend of nylon, polyester, and elastane. They have a strip of mesh panels over the breast area, for ventilation and to control moisture. They also have adjustable shoulder straps for added control and comfort and an eye closer hook in the back for easy access.

The fabric that is found in the inner part of the bra is referred to as Coolmax and it also works to remove moisture. But the unique thing about Freya bras, is the antibacterial fabric that actually tackles unpleasant odors.

For its small shape, this bra can handle any type of sporting activity. The cups are large enough to cover the breast area, in any size. The Freya Bra can be worn under clothing, without looking bulky. It is double lined for added control and support and reduces bouncing and unnecessary movement.

What We Liked

  • Can be effective for larger sized cups
  • Doesn’t flatten the breast area
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Perfect for running or jogging

What We Didn’t Like

  • The cups on this Freya bra can be tighter than other models

What are underwire sports bras?

Underwire support bras are used to offer support to the breasts. They have a half circle wire or plastic piece, that is sewn into the bottom of the bra cup. The wire works to lift up the breast and keep it in an upright position.

The bra can also be used to lift sagging breasts and this can make the chest area look better and firmer, in clothing. They can make the breasts appear rounder and fuller and also work to separate them.

They are mainly used by women who have larger or fuller breasts because they have a tendency to sag or droop faster than smaller breasts.

About Underwire Construction

The underwire construction of a bra consists of placing a half-circle wire or half- circle plastic, below the breasts. Bras have round shaped material that encircles the breasts and they are referred to as cups. These cups work to hold them in place firmly or to hold them up. For women with larger breasts, the material itself may not be enough to support it or hold it up. So, the wire or plastic is sewn into the bottom of the cup, to lift and or separate the breasts. Bras are not the only items to contain underwiring. They can also be found in camisoles, girdles, and bathing suits.

These cups work to hold them in place firmly or to hold them up. For women with larger breasts, the material itself may not be enough to support it or hold it up. So, the wire or plastic is sewn into the bottom of the cup, to lift and or separate the breasts. Bras are not the only items to contain underwiring. They can also be found in camisoles, girdles, and bathing suits.

Bras are not the only items to contain underwiring. They can also be found in camisoles, girdles, and bathing suits.

Do I Even Need an Underwire Bra?

The answer to this question is entirely up to you. Underwire bras are made to lift up the breast area. But other bras can also work to do this, especially if the breasts are smaller and already perky. However, larger breasts can benefit from underwire bras because they can lift better than just material alone.

However, larger breasts can benefit from underwire bras because they can lift better than just material alone.

My underwire bras always poke me. Why?

If the underwire in your bra keeps irritatingly poking you, it may be time to find the right sized bra. The distance between cups in larger sized bras are spaced apart. Instead of them being positioned in the front of your breasts, they may be distanced too far apart and causing pain under the armpits.

Instead of them being positioned in the front of your breasts, they may be distanced too far apart and causing pain under the armpits.

Should full-chested women only wear underwire bras?

Only if you want your breasts to be lifted and separated. Otherwise, a bra cup without wire or plastic is not needed. A bra that does not contain an underwire probably won’t look as well as an underwire bra, especially in clothing. For the best lift, try a bra that fits properly and is sized correctly.

Should my maternity bra be a soft cup or underwire?

If you are sure to adjust sizes as your breasts grow during pregnancy, you can continue to wear underwire bras. Tension or pressure on the tissue of the breast can clog the duct and the worst case scenario can be an infection. But, it may feel better to just go with softly cupped bras, especially in the last months of pregnancy.

How to Select the best bra for workouts?

Angela Parker from Body Inspired Fitness shows how to choose the best sports bra for exercise:

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