The 8 Best Balance Boards for Kids

By Emily Aldridge | 2020 Update

Here’s the deal:

You and most parents think of balance boards simply as a toy.

But once we reveal the secret benefits of balance boards, we can guarantee that it will be impossible to resist buying your kids one. But buying the right balance board isn’t the easiest task either.

That’s why we have prepared a special list of our best balance boards along with a comprehensive buyer’s guide to run you through all of the essential information needed.

So, if you’re ready, let’s dig into it:

The Best Balance Boards For Kids (Updated)


Alex Active Monkey Kids Toddler
Balance Board

  • 16.5 x 9.5 inches board is great for both toddlers and even grown kids
  • Cute monkey design which appeals to children
  • Easy to assemble as instructions and six screws come alongside
  • Made of solid wood and can hold weights up to 200 pounds
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors

The Alex Active Monkey Balance Boards nails every single checkpoint for a balance board. Whether it’s cute monkey designs, adequate board size, or a carrying capacity up to 200 pounds, this Alex Active board has it all. Just assemble it through the easy instructions the board comes with, and your children can enjoy it wherever they want, indoors or outdoors!


Spooner Boards Freestyle

  • A great tool for introducing children to board sports
  • Perfect for enhancing your children’s stability and motor skills
  • Can be used in a variety of ways; like sliding, rocking, flipping and more
  • Sturdy construction means it will last for a long time

Spooner boards freestyle is the ultimate tool to get your children into board sports such as skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfing. This versatile balancing board allows your children to develop and enhance coordination, stability, balance and motor skills to ultimately perform better at sports and physical activities. More than that, its sturdy construction means that you won’t ever end up with a broken board!


Yes4All Hedgehog Balance Pods
with Hand Pump

  • Versatile balancing pods allow you to improve balance in multiple ways
  • High-quality PVC construction pods can hold up to 440 lbs.
  • Comes with a hand pump to inflate the pods and exercise anywhere you like
  • Textured dome surface massages feet and increases blood flow
  • 6.25 inches width makes it perfect for use by both toddlers, children, and adults

If your kids don’t like simple balancing boards, perhaps you could get them these amazing balance pods. These bright and colorful pods are inflatable and incredibly well-built. It’s a great tool to develop your children’s motor skills and balance which makes them perform better at sports, dancing and other activities. Plus, the textured surface of the pods massages the feet and increases blood flow too.


little dove Wood
Balance Board

  • Classic natural wood aesthetics make the board very appealing
  • Can stand weights up to 220 kgs/ 485 pounds
  • Great for developing motor skills and natural balance
  • Can be used as a seesaw, boat, tunnel, bridge, rocker, slide and other ways
  • A great tool for interacting and playing with your toddlers or kids

This wooden balance board from little dove is a classic toy for children that’s not only extremely appealing but also very fun. It’s natural beech and birch wood construction with a felt layer at the bottom gives the board a classic look while making it sturdy and capable of withstanding up to 485 lbs. Its multifunctional shape allows your children to play with it in a variety of ways. Whether it’s using the board as a slide, see-saw, bridge, rocker or any other way.


Whirly Board Spinning
Balance Board and Agility Trainer

  • Versatile board which can be used for numerous different exercises
  • Unique 3 spherical balance point design allows you to fine-tune motor skills
  • Skateboard plank design gives a more realistic approach to actually playing sports
  • Best for teaching vital skills for board sports like skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding etc.
  • Can be used by both adults and children to progressively improve coordination and stability

If you’re looking for balance development, especially for board sports, then there’s no better balance board than this one. The Whirly Board Spinning Balance Board has 3 special spherical balance points that allow your children to perform a variety of balancing exercises. Also, the skateboard plank design gives them a more realistic feel and allows them to learn proper mechanics of sports such as skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing etc.

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Buyer’s Guide

Benefits Of Using A Balance Board

The truth is that some people are just buying their kid’s balance boards as toys. And there might be some who aren’t even buying it because they don’t see any worth in it. But let us tell you that a balance board has way too many advantages to kids than we realize. Let’s go through each one of them, and we’re certain that by the end of this list, you’ll be more than just convinced:

1. Improvement in focus

Improved focus is crucial in almost every aspect of life. And there’s really nothing better than improving focusing skills from an early age.

Focus is one of the fundamental areas which a person trains when using a balance board. When you stand on a balancing board, your vestibular processing starts working at full capacity to maintain the body’s balance. The vestibular system is basically the system in your inner ear which is responsible for maintaining body balance and coordination.

When this happens, the vestibular system starts constantly firing sensory information at your brain. And in turn, you angle your body by using your muscles to prevent yourself from falling. During this process, both the hemispheres of the brain are constantly working and coordination with each other. You are completely focused on balancing your body and have a direct mind and body connection.

So, when your children use balance boards regularly for long periods of time, they develop their single-task focusing skills. To put on an even difficult challenge, assign them another task such as reading or playing catch while balancing themselves on the board. This will even further improve their coordination skills and ability to focus on multiple tasks or activities.

2. Enhanced cognitive skills

Both kids and toddlers take in tons of information each and every day. Therefore, it’s absolutely crucial that they possess strong learning skills and cognitive abilities. When your kids use balancing boards, their concentration, coordination, and focusing skills significantly improve allowing them to better perceive information and memorize it more easily.

Many studies have proved that children that use balance boards were more attentive in class and thus were faster at learning than those who didn’t use them. And not only visual information but they also performed better at taking in auditory information such as a new language than those who didn’t use balancing boards.

4. Better posture and motor skills

Posture problems are increasing growing these days, both in adults and children. And the future’s not looking any bright either with the growing use of technology. These days, every child has access to a gadget. The overuse of gadgets leads to hunching and poor posture which can have detrimental effects on their spine that will eventually worsen with time.

The use of a balance board is a great method to develop your children’s gross motor skills and posture. When they step on the balance boards, their spine automatically straightens out, their shoulder push back and their core tightens to stabilize and balance their body. This natural posture prevents spinal problems, improves muscular strength and balance which helps them out in all areas of life, whether it’s sports, school, dancing or playing.

5. Behavioral Improvement and Emotionally Rewarding

A balance board can act as a means of getting children to play and compete together with each other. Kids are especially attracted to these boards due to their appealing graphics and design.

To get on the more scientific side, physical activities like balance boards have been proven to increase motivation in students. Kids that used balance boards before or during school time proved to be more enthusiastic and faster at learning and absorbing information.

More so, balance boards have been used in emotional therapy for children and have proven quite successful. Kids that suffered trauma or emotional problems showed signs of improved confidence, self-esteem and the ability to overcome mental stress through the use of balance boards.

6. Boost in athletic performance and sports

One of the key benefits of using a balance board is that it improves agility. Agility or being agile means to be making sudden movements or transitions during those movements such as coming to a stop while running, sprinting from a stationary position and making quick turns.

When children use a balancing board, their coordination skills and stability control drastically improve. Kids that use balancing boards are better at controlling muscles and making more accurate movements while conserving energy. This improves stability, which is crucial for being agile.

Therefore, kids that use balancing boards will always perform better at almost every sport or physical activity, whether its football, basketball, soccer, tennis, dancing, running or any other sport. Not only this, but these children will also be much less likely to be sustaining injuries like ankle sprains during sports.

Features Of Balance Boards

Before you go on to purchase a balance board for your kid, you should first know a few basic factors and features. These will help you pick the best one for your kid according to their needs.

Age Group

Not all balance boards are suitable for kids of all ages. They have different shapes and features and thus some can be difficult to use while others will be typically easier. Most of the balance boards in our list are best suited to children who are 3 years or older. However, if you’ve got an older kid, say 8 or above, you could choose to purchase a more advanced balance board to enhance their skills even further.

Build Material

There are two basic materials which balance boards are made out of; plastic and wood. Plastic boards are usually lighter and suited for younger kids, but might not be as durable as the wooden ones. Wooden boards have a more classic and distinctive look, they’re way more durable and can last a long time provided they aren’t abused too much. However, wooden boards tend to be heavier and also more expensive than plastic ones. Wooden boards are also capable of bearing much more weight than the plastic ones.

Tilting Mechanism

In terms of the tilting mechanism, there are 3 or 4 basic types of tilting mechanisms. The easiest and most suitable for kids is the one that has a fixed spherical piece attached to it. Because it’s fixed and it usually flat, it only allows the board to tilt left and right like a seesaw. This is best for younger kids for allowing them to develop basic motor skills, balance and stability.

Another common shape is the curved board. The board has a very basic rocking motion which children can use to stand on and balance themselves. This is even easier to use, however, it may not be that effective in developing balancing skills than the other boards. One advantage to the curved board is that it can be used not only as a balancing board but also as a slide, seesaw, rocker, table, and many different things.

Finally, there’s the free shifting board and the spherical base-board. Although there’s only one of each category in the list, those boards are some of the best in their league. The free shifting board has a cylindrical wheel at the base which rotates freely from side to side. This makes it much more difficult to transfer weight and balance yourself on the board. The spherical base-board has a semi-spherical rubber base at the center which allows the board to rotate freely in every direction. This board is also an advanced level board and requires quite a bit of control in order to properly use. Both of these are suited to older children, preferably over the age of 8.


How do I help a kid get better at balancing?

Using a balance board is a great and fun way of getting the child to help to improve their balance. While starting off, it’s important to motivate your child and create confidence within them and soon you’ll find them climbing their way up the ladder.

What are the benefits of a balance board for kids?

A balance board helps maintain the overall coordination of the body with the mind. It also helps them maintain a good posture and creates strength in their muscles making the child more focused and attentive.

Do balance boards really work?

Yes, balance boards have been proven to improve overall strength and power within the core and back muscles leading to better posture and spine position which improves overall equilibrium. Also, a balance board can help increase the overall attentiveness and interactive abilities of the child.

Are balance boards worth it?

Yes, balance board is definitely worth it. There have been multiple studies and experiments that have proved that balance board does indeed help children’s mental growth, body control, educational performance and overall emotional and behavioral control.

Are balance boards effective?

Balance boards are very effective and can improve a child’s performance and cognition within a few months. The usage of balance boards from an early age would surely help improves a child’s overall body posture, coordination and brain development.

How long should you use a balance board?

It is recommended that children should spend at least 10-15 minutes on a balance board daily. If your child is regular and frequent in using a balance board, an improvement in mental growth and body control is likely to follow.

Does a balance board improve cognition for kids?

Yes, balance boards have shown to improve the overall cognitive abilities of children. Kids that frequently used balance board showed faster learning speeds, more focus, and attentiveness in school, as well as a better response to sensory learning.

Will a balance board improve my Childs’s Posture?

Standing on a balance board automatically puts the body in its natural posture. When on a balance board, the spine straightens out, the shoulders push back and the core tightens in order to balance out the body. All of this helps in practicing a healthy posture.

What muscles does a balance board work on?

Using a balance board strengthens the primary muscles such as the core, back, and legs, as well as the secondary muscles which are used for maintaining a good posture but are often ignored during normal exercise.

My Remaining Picks For Best Balance Boards For Kids


Carrom Balance Board

  • Wheel-base puts up a challenge while balancing which further enhances motor skills
  • Excellent tool for children into skateboarding, surfing to perform even better
  • Hardwood plywood construction with a carrying capacity of 300 pounds
  • Anti-skid strips for even better stability and control

If you’ve got older children and want to put up a bit of a competition for them, then choose the Carrom balance board. Because the board stands on a separate wheel, balancing yourself on it can become a little difficult. This can allow your children to even further improve their coordination and stability skills, especially useful if they’re into board sports. And with the board’s sturdy hardwood construction, you can be sure that it will last a long time.


Get Out! Deluxe Balance Board

  • Heavy-duty plastic construction meant to last a long time
  • Can withstand weights up to 200 pounds
  • Great for children as well as adults or elderly
  • Builds upper body and core muscles improving stability and balance

The Get Out Deluxe Balance Board is a simple yet effective approach to providing your children with a platform for developing motor skills. Despite how it may look, the balance board constructed out of high-quality plastic that can withstand up to 200 pounds without bending. The balance board will help your children improve their balance, stability, coordination and agility and ultimately develop solid motor skills.


Weplay BalanceBoardMaze

  • Fun maze embedded into the balance board
  • Great for adding competitivity which attracts children to the board
  • Lightweight and portable so can be taken with you to parties or school
  • Made out of durable plastic and has a weight capacity of 132 pounds

This creative board from Weplay integrates a maze game within a balance board to make it an even more fun experience for kids. While standing on the board, the child has to maneuver the ball withing the tracks moulded into the board and help it reach the endpoint. It adds a fun aspect to the balancing activity and motivates your children to spend more time on it.


By the end of the article, we hope that we’ve convinced you that a balance board is a worthy investment in your children. Balance boards have an astonishingly huge amount of benefits to both the mental and bodily development of children. If you’ve got small kids or toddlers, you should absolutely invest in a good quality balance board and you will definitely see a noticeable improvement in their educational, athletic and mental performance.