5 Awesome Pink Ankle Weights For Women

Ankle weights could help you increase endurance, force you to workout harder and ultimately help you get in better shape. There are numerous benefits of using ankle weights.

In this post i am going to review the top pink ankle weights you could find online right now. If you want to check out the best ankle weights, click here to see the post.

However, before i review each of them in-depth, check out the comparison table below:

Pink Ankle Weights: The Top 5 Picks

Ankle WeightsInfo
Pink Wrist/Ankle Weights by Your Weigh
MaxxMMA 5 lbs Adjustable Neoprene Ankle Weights Pair
RBX 2 Lb 2 Pound Ankle Wrist Weights
Tone Fitness Wrist/Ankle Weights
Pair Of 1.5lb Pink Comfort Fit Ankle Wrist Weights

Reviews of the Top 3 Pink Ankle Weights

Pink Wrist/Ankle Weights by ‘Your Weigh’

I’d highly recommend going for the ankle weights by “Your weigh”. The product gets a nice rating on amazon.

It is also available in black color.


  • Simple to use, cheaper in cost
  • High Quality & well stitched
  • Wraps around the wrist and ankle securely


  • 1 lbs each is bit too low for people already used to ankle weights. Although, great for starters.

Overall, the product is definitely worth the money.

MaxxMMA 5 lbs Adjustable Neoprene Ankle Weights Pair

The MaxxMMA ankle weights are another great release which gets an excellent rating on Amazon.

This is actually my #2 favorite pick. however, please note that this product is not purchased by a lot of people yet. The ratings are high but they are only from few people.


  • Great for muscle recovery
  • 2.5 lbs each pair which total makes a total of 5 lbs. This is enough weight for people wanting to workout to burn more calories and get in better shape.
  • Made up of Neoprene Material
  • Is durable and is comfortable.


  • Have not yet been rated by too many people.

Tone Fitness Wrist/Ankle Weights

The Tone Fitness Wrist/Ankle Weights is my #3 choice in this category.  The main reason why i like this product is the comfort it offers.

It fits securely on the ankles and even offers a reflective strip ( in case you might want to go outside wearing them at night ). Both of the weights will offer 1.5 lbs on each side.

Update: A few of the users on Amazon complained about not getting ankle weights in pink color. So the product isn’t recommended at this moment. 

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