LifeSpan Fitness SP1000 Stretching Machine Review

One thing we’ve noticed about any of the stretching machines or even the stretch trainers we’ve come across is they are a kind of do it yourself type of deal. Either’s been up to you to know what to really do or you get a small set of instructions and have to kind of wing it from there. However, with the Lifespan Fitness Sp1000 this is a whole new ball park.

For example, it’s pretty interactive in the way that it comes with a video that helps you to find routines that can suit you or just give ideas as to the types of routines or work outs that can be done with it. More so there is even a book or rather a guide that can be used while using this machine.

With its great design this machine allows for great stretching and what we call deep stretching techniques, which just means there are more advanced techniques for that veteran user of these types of machines. Doesn’t really matter what size you are as it has a very sturdy steel design and each weight on it can allow up to 300 pounds per weight which is excellent for the larger user. In home they have a five year warranty which is great because if you’re not careful during assembly and force parts together, it’ll naturally break. For those who plan on using this machine more commercially, you’ll find that it’s only covered with a one year warranty instead of the five year warranty.

There appears to be a good amount of firm padding for those who are worried about comfort, so it’s going to provide all the right support and comfort in all the right places that you’ll need it. We really just love the Lifespan Fitness SP1000 over all because of the features. I mean it’s great for anyone, basically any age and is suitable for that beginner who can use the guide or video or the veteran who has already perfected their own work out and stretches. The one thing we love most about the video included is it actually gives you time to position yourself properly and do what you need to use this machine properly without having to worry about injuring yourself.

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As with any work out machine or stretch trainer machine we highly recommend that you do stretch before using it. Just like when you’re playing a sport, even if you’re well-toned you want to make sure you take the right precautions before working out. Well, that applies to this machine as well. Do a few stretches before using it, and then find the right work out or program that works for you. Adjustable, and with comforting grips on the handle bars, you’ll definitely be on your way to having better feeling and less tense muscles in no time. It has a great price for this type of machine and highly recommended to anyone who hasn’t used one before—a great start.

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