I Just Redesigned the site

I just redesigned the site. ( well i just changed the theme. ) but it did drastically changed the way maxfitness+ works.

It’s almost a year since i started this site. Since the beginning i knew my site would rock in fitness niche – and it really did. Not only did my site recieves almost 300 views everyday, but i do get to see a lot people purchase what i recommend them through this site. Most of my recommendations are fitness equipment that i myself find very useful.

So What are the plans for future? What is this site going to publish in 2016? 

Well, i have a couple of new topics that i wish to cover. This first one being stretching machines – no specific reason but i just us stretchers very often. I usually review products that i use on daily basis ( or at least use the time to time )

I have big plans for this site. Infact i have kinda challenged myself to make this site one of the authority websites in fitness and health space. I love staying healthy and I love it when i inspire ( or encourage ) people to stay on track and go the extra mile.

My focus was initially on bikes when i started this site. I am still gonna post more about bikes because they were my first love. However, i am going to shift my focus toward other outstanding fitness products/machines on 2016.

My aim would be to review only the best selling products available out there. ( mostly from top notch brands ) because for most of the people resources ( especially time and money ) are scarce ( including myself) and therefore we don’t want to buy products or fitness equipment from not-so-good brands only to find out how crappy they were.

Now i am not saying you should only go for premium brands or brands that are very famous. I am just saying to stay cautious while you are spending money. As I believe that if your equipment is not excellent, you won’t feel much motivated.

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