Cheap bikes – Where do I find one ?

Cheap bikes Guide

Finding a cheap bike isn’t that difficult. But before you begin searching for a cheap bikes, you should know that by ‘CHEAP’ we don’t mean low quality.

We are just considering the price of the bikes.

You could easily get an awesome bike 2-3 times lower the price you would have paid at a local bike shop for an equivalent bike.

I have been riding bikes for nearly a decade now AND..

I know how local bikes shops exploit people to buy way more expensive bikes who are either just starting out OR are just lazy enough to do some quick research on bike prices.

Okay. Back to the main question…

Where would you find a bike that is both outstanding in terms of quality and low priced ?

You don’t need to spend a fortune to get a bike. You could go to Amazon right now and check out the best sellers there. Here is the link to the Top Sellers ( choose category from the right side of the page ) 

BUT REMEMBER : Only consider purchasing the top 10 in every category. You could easily find what you are really looking for. There are just about every category to find you an nice affordable bike.

You can also check out our cheap bikes reviews :

Not motivated enough to start cycling ? Here read this :

Why cycling is the best thing that happened to me ?

  1. It is the reason why i am fit and healthy. Never had any disease or illness. I feel good and sharp – All the time. And, my productivity has increased almost 3-4 times. As i have couple businesses, i am purely focused when i am in work mode. I have nothing else in my mind – Just because i exercise 6 days a week ( I keep Sundays on me )
  2. I know cycling is ( for me ) the easiest way to exercise. I can ride anywhere, anytime – and all that without spending a dime. No membership fee or monthly bill. Most of us know how to cycle properly and this is why there is no learning involved in the process. You just need to take your bike out in the sun and start pedaling.
  3. I have built a stamina – This is self explanatory why. Before i was a fan of this sport, i couldn’t run 200 meters without getting out of breath. But That has changed now. I can run on ride way more than i could. Cycling also increases muscle tone.
  4. Cycling has reduced my stress – This is a big one. Whenever i feel down and demotivated to work, i just go out in my garage and take out my bike, Ride aggressively for like 30 mins, Come to home and immediately take a brief shower and the result is mind blowing. Not only i feel awesome but i am also instantly productive again. This technique has worked for me like magic.

Thing to remember before getting a bicycle:

  1. Always consult you doctor. While you may think this is stupid to even mention as most of us don’t need to get a permission from a doc. But, due to some conditions, some people might not want to start this exercise.
  2. Always start slowly – Okay, so this is somewhat obvious. You don’t want to get crazy from Day 1. Start slowly and then build up your routine. 10-15 minutes are enough for the first 2-3 days. Add 5-10 minutes after every week or however you think best.
  3. Always wear safety gear. Wear a helmet, kneepads and elbow pads. Wear sun glasses ( I do most of the time ). Here is a link to the top bike helmets and the here is to the top safety equipment that you might want to consider getting.
  4. Be patient and do not hurry in increasing your limits – This is again, self explanatory. Don’t start cycling on high speeds. Start slow and easy on your legs and then build up.
  5. Take water with you when you ride – I take sips from time to time when i am riding my bike. This keeps my hydrated.

Why do people fail to build up a routine ?

They don’t stay consistent. They make a goal and forget it a week after that. You can not succeeds if you are not consistent. I had a hard time getting to agree with this when i was younger.

So how do you make sure you don’t break the routine ? – I usually set up an alarm on my iphone. Also, I use couple of apps to keep track of my progress.

I also make sure my cycling gear, shoes and clothes are in easily accessible place. And, whenever my phone tells me to ride – I just pause everything and put on my clothes.

How do you stay motivated ? What cheap bike are you planning to get ? 

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