Best Cheap Mountain Bikes 2017 (Top 5 Reviews)

Mountain_bike_orienteer_1_-_Meehan_RangeQuick Update: Click Here to check out the best mountain bikes for 2017. You are here because you want to know the choices you have when finding the best of

You are here because you want to know the choices you have when finding the best of cheap mountain bikes for sale on amazon and different retail stores.

Well, after riding for several years and then running this local shop for some more year I know how tricky it can be to choose an affordable mountain bicycle that stands the test of time.

You want to make sure the bike you purchase actually withstand rocks, ruts, loose sand and steep grades. Mountain bikes are usually ridden on unpaved environments so the emphasis is to get the best mountain bike for the amount you spend.

Before we get into the review of the bikes, you should know that the most important thing to consider is the bike frame.

Most of the companies manufacture bike frames and the rest of the components are usually purchased from other companies. If the frame is solid, your bike would most likely ( if used in mild conditions ) last a decade or even longer.

So before we move to best affordable mountain bike reviews, lets just answer the question that comes all the time ! – Forums, Discussion boards and numerous blogs out there.


What is the difference between Hardtail and Full Suspension Mountain Bikes

A Full Suspenion Mountain bike
A Full Suspenion Mountain bike

If you are riding bikes for many years, you would probably know the difference between the two. Basically, a hardtail bike constitutes of a solid frame and the there are suspension forks on the front of the bike.

The Same suspension forks are in Full suspension mountain bikes too but the frame differs a bit. There are two parts ( that are kinda triangle in shape ) of the frame.

Lets not uselessly make this hard to understand for those of you don’t know the difference.

A Hardtail bike
A Hardtail bike

Long Story Short: The frame differs in both types of bikes. It depends on what you prefer to ride. A images of both types would help you better understand this.

Now you might be wondering which ones better ? 

Simple Quick Answer: Both of them have pros and cons and it depends in your preference what you think is better. ( I find hardtail to be better because of the simplicity of this bike type )


Quick Comparison of the two mountain bike styles:

Price – Hardtail provides more value for the price you pay. This is mainly because the hardtail design is almost a century old and there are no patents ( and all legal stuff ) on it.

While on the other hand the companies that manufacture full suspension bikes also have to pay the price for the patent on the design of the bikes and therefore that cost burden is shifted to the ultimate consumes – Which is you! Get a Hardtail bike if you plan to spend less.

Weight – Hardtail bikes are usually lighter due to their simple design structure but there are now sum full suspension bikes too. that are really lightweight. Don’t worry much about how heavy a bike is, just go for something reasonable and you would do fine.

Maintenance – Full suspension(F.S) require more maintenance in the long run compared to hardtail bikes. All of the linkages and pivots in a full suspension( as you can see in the image )  would require maintenance from time to time. If you don’t want to go to your local bike shop every 3-4 months, pick the hardtail style.

Climbing & Downhill – We have a clear winner here : F.S Bikes! F.S style bikes are better when the terrain turns technical. While climbing and downhill the F.S performs better because rear suspension offers more rear wheel power. It is also easier to ride on a FS mountain bike and stay seated. You get less tired.

However, if you are condition to ride in hard conditions getting hardtail would not be a bad option. In simple climbing and downhill both bike types performs almost equally.

Bottom line – Again, depends on your preference and how would you use the bike. I would suggest hardtail bikes to people getting their first mountain bike as it offer simplicity, are “relatively” cheaper and requires less maintenance.

Check out All the Best Sellers in Mountain Bikes on Amazon and use the left margin on the page to sort out between the two types of bike styles.

What Size of the Bike should I purchase ?

Instead of writing a lengthy description about the sizing of the bike and stuff related to it, we have actually picked put the best source on this information. It highly recommended that you use this info to purchase your next mountain bike. Check out the Amazon’s Ultimate bike size guide to get you started.

On the page linked above you would be able to see 3 types of sizing charts.

  1. Adult Road Bike Sizing Chart
  2. Adult Mountain bike Sizing Chart
  3. Kids’ bike Sizing chart.

So, forget about anything you know about sizing and use this information to get your new bicycle.


Reviews of the Top Cheap Mountain Bikes

Below, you would read the reviews of our most favorite bikes. These bikes are actually top notch quality and because the topic of this post is related to cheap and affordable bikes, we are going to make sure you get the best value for your buck.


#1 Diamondback Bicycles 2014 Overdrive Mountain Bike with 29-Inch Wheels under $500

This bike is a incredible masterpiece that comes at an affordable price.

Want to know everything about this bike ? 

You might want to read the full review of this bike and guide on this page. 


Go directly to the sales page to read more user reviews, Checkout discounts and current price.

#2 Stowabike 26″ Folding Dual Suspension Mountain Bike 18 Speed Shimano Bicycle under $200

The bike is a simple, Nothing too fancy bike. It is definitely not for pros but it is very functional for people starting their first bike or just starting out.

Use it for leisurely coast and just to keep yourself in good shape.

The bike is really awesome when it comes to transporting it somewhere or placing it in trunk. Carry it anywhere you want to and enjoy your day. But, again, the bike is good for people starting out and who are not serious riders.

Some people to buy bikes and then upgrade the parts to their liking but if you are planning to modify your bike after purchase, this bike won’t do the job. You might want to buy an expensive bike for that.

The bike has 18 speed – Now, this is a plus. And then the bike also has full size wheels. This makes riding easy and fun.

Now the bad: You might feel a little bit of difficult when assembling up the bike for the first term as some people complain that the manual that comes with the bike is not clear enough. But if you are a little bit of smart and know stuff about bikes, everything is pretty intuitive. Its not a big issue but for some people it can be as they would have to take their bike to a local bike shop first and spend some bucks ( $ 30-40 ) to get it assembled.

The Excellent : The bike overall really stands out because of its frame, tires and wheels – They are all great!

The components, however, are not top-notch. I mean you can’t expect to get the best quality components for under $200.

Bottom line: Awesome bike with a very affordable price for people starting out and want to stay fit and in shape.

Check out the More Reviews, Discounts and more Options on

#3 Mongoose Women’s Status 2.2 Full Suspension Bicycle

The bike gets an excellent rating on amazon and more or less same ratings on other retail sites.

Let’s start of with the bad: Some people might find it difficult to assemble the bike for the first time. I won’t say it hard to assemble but people that are just starting out may feel a bit hard. Otherwise, you can just take it to some local bike shop near you and get it ready up.

Pro tip: This is the easiest thing to do if you find it difficulty in assembling the bike. Use youtube and google to find all the information. The web has all the info you need to know. So don’t worry about that much.

The Good and the excellent: Comfortable and smooth bike with very appealing color. Most of the people i see purchasing the bike are more than satisfied by the bike.

The bike awesome to stay healthy and fit! Check out the bike on Amazon



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