The Definitive Guide to Ankle Weights

Ankle Weight

Let’s start by answering the very basic question: What are ankle weights?

They are simply:

Weighted bands that are attached to your ankles for the purpose of providing resistance when you perform strength training exercise.

They have lately become very popular and many people find them very useful while doing a workout, using them during walking or for other purposes ( more on that below ). 

They are also used to heal certain injuries and are a great way to add variation to your workout. 

Plus, they are also helpful in improving non-leg muscles. For instance, you can improve your upper body and arm muscles by using them. This is a great way to enhance your workout and tone other body parts.

Increasing the resistance by adding weight in any exercise is most effective way to increase your body and muscle strength. The same principle applies here.

You attach weight to your ankle and as a result, you strengthen your muscles by exerting more force.

Adjustable Ankle Weights – The top 5 Reviews

These are the reviews of the Top 5 on Amazon. Check them out.

All Pro Weight Adjustable Ankle Weights

The All pro adjustable ankle – weights are great for a workout. The built quality is outstanding and they are highly functional for workouts such as leg raises and jogging.

The are also time efficient and greatly help you burn more calories in less time. They may be a little expensive than other similar products however, they are totally worth the price.

I mean, you don’t want to spend a little less and end up using the equipment for a week. These all pro weights are built to last years.

Some of the user reviews on amazon do suggest that their product lasted for 10+ years which shows the durability of the product.

MaxFitness+ Rates it one of the best you can get.

Click here to check them on Amazon and Read more user reviews.

Valeo Adjustable Ankle / Wrist Weights

These are another great pair of ankle and wrist weights that are highly functional and easy to use. Not as good as the All pro-Weights reviewed above but still considered to be one of the top product.

It is comfortable and durable. They are also reasonably priced and the built quality is again, very good.

The valeo features adjustable metal D-Ring double strap closure system for a nice and comfortable fit.

For more User reviews and price, go to Amazon.

CAP Barbell Adjustable Ankle – Weights

The Cap barbell comes with 30-day warranty. Not as premium as the 2 reviewed above because they cost relatively less ( costs around 20 bucks )

However, they are not considered to be less effective. They would do the job just fine.

Some of the reviews on amazon do suggest that these are not good for running and the strap is not so durable.

Check out the more reviews and price on Amazon.

Da Vinci Adjustable Ankle or Wrist Weights

Another great pair of ankle and wrist weight. This costs significantly less than other reviewed above however without compromising the quality overall. They are functional, highly effective and look good on wrist or ankle.

It is soft and comfortable to wear. Some consumers have actually stated that sometimes forget if they are wearing any weight as it is soft to wear.

Can be used by anyone – adults or children.

Check them on Amazon.

Adjustable 20 lb ankle weights

The All Pro Weight Adjustable Ankle Weight offers up to 20-lbs on one ankle. It is probably the best ankle weight that offers premium quality and comfortable fit.

The product is durable – You spend some bucks once and the product last for years.

The All pro features solid iron weights which are a plus as many of them other products are filled with sand and they often leak after sometime. This is not going to happen with all pro.

You do have to spend a little more if compared to other similar products out there but it is totally worth the price.

Bottom line: Highly functional and great choice.

Plus, as they are adjustable. You can start slow at first and when you have trained enough, you can increase the weight to 20 lb on each side rather than purchasing again.

Check it out on Amazon right now. 


Can they improve Water Workouts?

Definitely. The equipment is now being specialized to be used underwater. What they actually do is to intensify resistance when you swim thus improving your overall swimming.

Plus, as there is weight attached to your ankles, you get to endure overall increased weight. This results in overall improvement in your skill and overall enhanced workout.

A great thing about this type of exercise is that it causes no stress or damage during the session.

How can they Strengthen Non-leg Muscles?

It’s simple. You attach more weight to your body and, therefore, you have to exert more force while doing exercises such as pull-ups, bicycle crunches and other similar exercises.

This helps you strength other muscles doing the same exercise as you usually do.

How to put ankle or wrist weights properly?

  1. Check your weights and make sure there are no tears or holes from where weight can fall off.
  2. Make sure you adjust the weight properly. You don’t want to start with high weight. Start with low and slowly build on.
  3. Wrap it around your ankle. Make them reasonably tight. It shouldn’t hurt during the workout. Also, make sure not to cut off the blood supply.
  4. If you have sensitive skin, make sure to put on socks or other clothing.
  5. You are ready to start your exercise. Feel uncomfortable? Stop your workout and see what’s your issue.

Is Running with ankle weights safe?

The short answer is: NO! ( for most people )

Some experts do consider the fact that the additional weight may do joint and muscle damage. This is because your leg act as a lever and additional weight causes extra momentum and this sometimes causes unnatural stress on your joints and muscles.

It’s always better to consult an expert before you use these weights. Some people may have a condition that may not allow them to perform the exercise using this equipment.

How do they help recover injuries?

Light weight can help recover from injuries such as sprained ankles and other ankle related injuries.

They help by strengthening supporting muscles.

However, you should only consider them for healing and recovery if your physician suggests them.

Everybody’s condition is different and therefore, you should always consult an expert.

Do they Help Tone Your Thighs?

Yeah, For Sure. Regularly training with weights would actually help you tone your leg muscles. In addition, they would also help you increase the power of the leg muscles.

Grab a pair if you want to make your thighs attractive and appealing!

What are the benefits of ankle weights?

  1. You exert more energy and, therefore, burn more calories and loose more weight. Having to move more weight increases strength, power and tone your muscles.
  2. They can increase your jumping height. If you are looking for ways to increase your jump height for sports such as basketball, martial arts or other sports – You can use them to your advantage.  Various studies have backed up this by conducting numerous experiments.Two groups of participants were tested in a study where one group used weight on ankles and the other used traditional methods of the strength training. After almost 6 weeks, the results suggested that participants that used the weights on their ankle had significantly higher jump than those who did not.
  3. Can help you in water aerobics. This is really beneficial as there is almost no risk of damage of any kind.
  4. They can help build your leg muscles.
  5. You can develop upper body muscles by wearing these.
  6. Can help improve Bone density?

Read More about ankle weight benefits 

How do I use ankle weights? – Exercises

Check out the video:

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The Down Side of wearing them

Anyone can develop joint problems if extra stress is applied to the joints. So you should not use the equipment with all kind of workout. The video above shows what common exercise we perform with the weights

Wearing them all the time is a huge mistake that a few people make. This would cause various problems rather than building strength and muscles. So using them in short sessions is advisable.

Anyone with little knowledge of physics knows putting a weight at the end of a lever increases momentum. The leg is a lever and the force is exerted by the weight. This extra force causes extra momentum and thus results in joint issue/s if used for prolonged periods.

You should immediately stop using them if you feel ache or pain.

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