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mountain-bikers-55372_640History of the Company in few words – Diamondback bicycle company was established in 1977 as BMX ( bicycle motocross ) in California.

The company slightly changed its name several times. Earlier, the name was “Diamond back” and was changed to what is now ( with the space omitted between diamond & back ) in its early history.

From there the company branched out and started manufacturing road bicycles and mountain bikes.

The produce bikes from low priced range to mid range but there are some high-end models as well. Some of the cheaper version of the bikes are really outstanding, if compared to other bike brands at the same price point.

Read through few of the frequently asked questions and then check out the best diamond bike reviews. You Can Check out the Most Popular Diamondback bikes on Amazon right now.

Why would you want to purchase a bike online when you can get it from your local bike shop ?

porcupine_rim_trailGetting a bike from an online store has some advantages.

First, you could save a lot of money by buying it online as you cut out the middle man ( in this case the local bike shop and probably suppliers in between the chain ).

Stores such as Amazon are awesome in this regard, they offer competitive prices and you could potentially check out if not thousands but hundred of options and compare them.

While the local bike shop may provide you opportunity to check and test the bike yourself but they also keep alot of margin. So if you are unsure about your size you might want to check out the local bike shop.

Alternatively, you can also check out Amazon’s Bike Size Guide – As i have ordered bikes from the store several times, i could say that the Guide works pretty well.

To sum up, Diamondback bikes are high quality and easy on your wallet. Purchasing them online is nice if you want to spend less and get something you later think you’ve made the right choice.

What about the Warranty policies ?

utah-95032_640Diamondback bikes have a pretty good warranty policies. They offer lifetime warranty of several components such as the steel bike frame, Carbon fiber and/or Alloy frames.

Actually, the frame they make are really durable and would stand the test of time. So, you don’t have to worry about the frame getting damaged.

Warranty on Non-branded components offered by the company would have a length of a year. Also, full suspension bike frame would have a warranty of 5 years.

Basically, they make durable and solid products and they know that consumers would have little no complain as far as the frame and major components are concerned.

What if the bike i purchase isn’t performing as i expected ?

mountain-bike-175216_640Take your bike to a local bike shop and with a little bit of tuning, the bike would be awesome.

Actually, all of the bikes need a little tweaking so its always good to visit your local bike shop if you are uncomfortable with the bike or the bike isn’t working properly

What are the top mountain bikes manufactured by diamondback ?

There are various models of diamond back bikes that come time to time  ( Updated List : You check them all out and their prices here )

Most of the diamondback models start from $400 which is actually lower than other brand offering the same quality bikes. You can expect to pay $200-$300 less for the same quality bikes that other brands offer. This is why i really love diamondback – Quality bikes at an affordable price.

Top Affordable Mountain Bike: Diamondback Bicycles 2014 Overdrive Mountain Bike with 29-Inch Wheels

This Overdrive Mountain Bike is one of the best mountain bike you can get. It stays on the the top list of Best Sellers in Mountain bikes on Amazon which is updated hourly.  

The bike comes in a nice box and the moment you take a glance at it, you know you’ve not wasted your money.

The bike is absolutely awesome – Provides the a lot of value for the price your are paying. The same quality bike from another brand such as Mongoose or any other high-end brand would cost you at least $300-400 more.

The bike rides smooth and is quite comfortable. You can easily travel 20-25 miles and even more after some time when you get more used to the bike.

The frame : The Butted 6061-T6 Aluminum frame of the bike is both durable and lightweight. Diamondback do make some of the best bike frames and the bike really stands out due to that.

Tires are awesome too – I mean not the best on the planet but they really do a good job.

Bottom Line: Awesome bike with few flaws ( but hey, no product is perfect ). Overall, i would say that spending on this bike is money well spent.

Check out the bike on Amazon to read more reviews and see the discounted price

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