Update: The best compression shorts for kids is the Shock Doctor Boy’s Power Compression Short. (See Detailed review below)

There has been a revolution in sports wear. Compression garments have hit the store racks with many styles for athletes of all ages. Even youth wear has been infiltrated with this progression is sporting synthetic fibers. The price tag tends to be a little higher for this relatively newer technology. Is it worth it to invest in this feature for young people are still growing rapidly?

Compression garments have a noticeably more snug fit and firm feel over more traditionally fitting fabrics. And you may wonder why this would be an advantage to the wearer. The fit acts as a brace of sorts for the entire area that the garment covers. Besides eliminating unnecessary drag with loose fabric hanging off of the wearer, compression shorts for kids serve as anatomic support aids while being worn. Compression shorts help to support the muscles underneath them.

These shorts also aid in thermal retention while worn. A warm muscle is more supple and much less prone to injury. So during activities with constant speeding up to slowing down cycles, compression shorts can maintain a more consistent internal temperature for the duration of the activity. And compression shorts for boys may also feature an additional integrated jock cup support.

Lets look at a few reputable models of compression shorts:

Reviews of the Best Compression Shorts For Kids

#1. Shock Doctor Boy’s Power Compression Short with BioFlex Cup (Youth)

Shock Doctor’s design includes a BioFlex cup. Of the shorts we will compare now, it is a higher end model but can be found for under $38* (*At the time of publishing). They are constructed of 86% Polyester, 11% Spandex, 3% Nylon. This fabric blend serves to effectively wick perspiration from the body. And it also dries quickly. These Power Compression shorts are well constructed with solid seam reinforcement.

These are an imported garment. They come in solid white or solid black. And the laundering maintenance is basic without inconvenient special care. The moisture wicking technology of the fabric will help to prevent perspiration odor. And the generous, wide elastic waistband will provide a snug hold for the lifetime of the garment. Shock Doctor’s flat stitch seams minimize skin indention lines. And the fabric technology will prevent chafing and rubs.

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Here is a sizing chart:

Review: SUB Sports DUAL Kids Compression Shorts – All Season Base Layer Shorts

The SUB Sports model is a great value that can be found for under $28*(*At the time of publishing). These shorts enjoy the usual benefits of synthetic sports fabrics. They will wick perspiration away from the skin and dry quickly. This is an added boost to maintaining body temperature. They are designed with the snug and slightly pressured fit of compression shorts for maximized muscle support.

The SUB Sports DUAL compression shorts are a mid wight layer that can be used in all seasons. The firm fit aids in encouraging optimal oxygen flow to the muscles by increasing blood flow. This action potentially enhances performance. These shorts are composed of an optimal blend of polyester, nylon and spandex to provide all these benefits. And they are available in the widest array of colors, from one end of the light spectrum to the other, of any models we researched.

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NL111Y Youth Boy’s and Girl’s Compression Fit Short-Moisture and Odor Resistant

A strong contender in the compression shorts comparison for their exceptional price point value at under $11.50*(*at the time of publishing), Game Gear’s NL111Y style are available in both boys and compression shorts for girls. We especially liked this style for generous value while being made in the U.S.A.! With 83% Nylon and 17% Spandex, the NL111Y shorts offer the benefits of perspiration wicking and rapid drying in a 4 way stretch fabric that supports cross training with it’s flexible support.

These shorts for both genders feature an added lining for more complete wicking away from the skin to the outer layer where it can dry. A flat stitch seam reduces friction where it is snug against the skin. And the anti microbial technology of the fabric reduces odor. The balance of fit and fabric components allows for the fullest range of motion within the enhanced support range.

These youth compression shorts scored well on just about every count. They are available in a variety of colors for both genders. The laundering requirements are simple and convenient. We would have appreciated a slightly wider waistband like we found in the other compression styles we are reviewing here. Generally the wider waistband increases durability and support by spreading the stretch tension over a wider area. So although the waistband tested sufficiently, we are less certain of it’s longevity with frequent use.

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SUB Sports COLD Kids Compression Shorts – Thermal Base Layer

These base layer shorts for additional thermal value in a layered system have a slightly varied fabric composition from the others we compared: 82% Polyester and 18% Elastane. This combination still offers the same wicking properties and rapid drying trait. But it better lends itself to supplying a layer in addition to a heavier outer short–such as a looser team uniform shorts layer.

We rate this style favorably for price value and construction quality. The SUB Sports thermal layer compression shorts can be found for under $40*(*At the time of publishing ) and depending on how particular you are about color choices, for considerably lower. It’s unique fabric combination offers the advantages you seek in compression style shorts. They will lend added muscular support and heightened thermal value during athletic performance. This will enhance blood flow for increases oxygen supply to the muscles.

The cold temperature layer still has an impressive construction to hold up to aggressive use and laundering. The needed care is simple. And the flat seam construction is comfortable, sturdy, and minimizes rubs and chafing to the skin. They feature a medium width waistband. And a generous variety of colors available is enhanced by SUB Sports stylish logo.

We found this base layer short of be of good value for the price. The seam construction on these price point shorts creates a slightly more bulging ridge than on some of the laminated seams of the higher end designs. And given the necessary snugness of this support style, that may be enough of a bulge in the fabric to be felt and seen on the skin after use.

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