In short, Compression Shorts are not recommended for swimming because:swimming because:

  1. Chlorine is harsh for material used in compression shorts
  2. Compression shorts lack a drawstring at waist – Might Cause the shorts to come off during swimming
  3. Some pools have strict rules ( Read below in detail )

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Compression shorts are a type of short that are made to be form-fitting. They are often worn by athletic men and women. Compression shorts are usually made of a stretchy material such as spandex. The purpose of compression shorts is to keep your muscles warm and wick away sweat and moisture to keep athletes skin dry. Otherwise, your clothes would get wet which can lead to chafing of the skin.

Although standard compression shorts work great for athletes, there is one sport where compression shorts are not appropriate. That sport is swimming. There are many reasons why compression shorts are not suitable for an athlete that swims.

First, the chemicals that are used in a pool, mainly chlorine, is too harsh for the material used in compression shorts. The chemicals literally eat away at the material that standard compression shorts are made of. You would ruin an expensive pair of shorts by wearing compression shorts into a pool.

Second, most compression shorts lack a drawstring at the waist. If you are a diver, you will want a draw sting in your swimming shorts. Otherwise, your shorts could either come down or come off in the water. This could prove to be an embarrassing problem for you.

Third, some pools have strict rules on what can and can’t be worn in a pool. Since compression shorts are not designed to be swimwear, they are banned from many public pools. Wearing compression shorts may prevent you from gaining entrance into a pool. Whether you are a competitive athlete or a weekend warrior, you need appropriate swimming shorts designed for water activity.

This is why athletic men and women should invest in a good pair of swim shorts. Swim shorts are designed to withstand the harsh chemicals that keep a pool clean. Swim shorts are also designed to stay in place when diving, swimming and competing in all water related activities.

Since it is helpful to know which swimming shorts are reputable, the rest of this article will compare a pair of both men’s, and women’s swimming shorts. This will help inform and educate you on the benefits of compression shorts for swimming.

The Top 2 Recommended for Men & Women Reviewed.

Women: Dushishidan Swim Brief with Adjustable Ties, Mini Short Swimwear

Dushishidan women’s swim briefs with adjustable ties are both attractive and functional. The material is stretchy so it is not binding, rather it moves with you. This is an important feature for athletes. Dushishidan swim shorts offer a comfortable fit that feels and looks good.

Dushishidan swim shorts also offer full bottom coverage, which is important when you are competing. They also look stylish, which is important for lounging at the pool or beach. Additionally, these swim briefs offer a drawstring at the waist. This will help keep them up with activities such as running, diving and swimming.

The material on these swim shorts dries quickly. This is important for athletes. These shorts will wick away moisture to prevent rashes and chaffing of the skin.

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Men: Speedo Endurance+ Polyester Solid Square Leg Swimsuit

For men’s swimwear, the Speedo Men’s Endurance + Polyester Solid Square Leg Swimsuit are an excellent choice. They are made with material that is not only comfortable but also durable and fade-resistant.

One of unique features of these swim shorts is they prevent sunburn. They are made with UV protection UPF 50+. Who knew swim shorts could prevent skin cancer? Additionally, they are made with a chlorine resistant material to prolong the life of these shorts.

Another aspect men appreciate about these swimming trunks is they not only perform well but they also look stunning. Whether you are competing in a triathlon or relaxing at the beach you can count on these swim shorts to help you look and feel your best. These shorts have full coverage. They also help with muscle compression which can help swimmers improve their times.

There are many reasons to purchase compression swimming shorts. They look good enough to be worn relaxing on the beach or competing in athletic events. Their fabric withstands harsh chemicals used in pools. Compression swimming bottoms are form fitting and offer a drawstring to help them stay in place for active men and women. They also offer full coverage to look your best.

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