Health is the most important thing in a person’s life. Without health, our lives are incomplete. We start feeling lazy and get weak if we don’t give proper attention to our body needs. Having a proper diet is not the only thing that should be maintained but, exercises too. Exercise, as we all know, is the most important of all. It keeps you active and makes your muscles strong. Young generation may not realize the importance of exercise in their young age. But as soon as they start growing old they’ll start feeling something missing.

For this purpose, people visit parks or gyms but wouldn’t that be a lot better if you bring the best and most needed machine at your home? This will make your life easy and simple. Yes, now get rid of visiting parks and get the latest technology

Gold’s Gym 720 Treadmill is equipped with latest technology features. It is the most liked and top rated machine of all. This is a great creature that provides comfort and amazing workout experience. Making it convenient for you, they have provided their customers with a foldable compact design which means that you can easily live or fold it as soon as you complete your workout. it won’t demand for a lot of space or time because the easy to use technology will remove all your stress at once.

It has 18 workout programs which are actually highly appreciated. They help you and guide you to improve your workout experience. These programs are designed for an intense workout. The built-in LCD display keeps you updated about minute details that one should know while exercising. It keeps you motivated and gives a better workout experience. It has G-Force 2 commercial motor which is highly powerful and recommended. For a smooth and comfortable workout, they have provided their customers with 0 – 10 QuickSelect incline controls. These controls will help you achieve your goals.

The heart rate monitor will keep an eye on your heart rate and keep you updated through the LCD provided. The Treadmill is designed with a 20 x 55 inches running area and features an AirStride Plus cushioning system which helps to add support on the deck. It has 10 levels of resistance and 10 MPH speed levels. You can simply control them according to your needs. The solid body can support a person’s weight up to 300 lbs. and its measurements are 68 x 35 x 73 inches. This is an amazing package in such price range. It will really bring your body back in shape and will prove itself to be the best machine for cardiovascular fitness.

Main features:

  • QuickSelect incline controls
  • G-Force 2 commercial motor
  • AirStride Plus cushioning
  • 18 workout programs

Things we liked

  • Cooling fan
  • Compact design
  • Compatible port for MP3 player or iPod
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • Deck cushioning

Things we disliked

  • Small display screen