Treadmill is used to burn calories at a very fast pace. They help you to stay physically fit and blow away all your laziness. It keeps you active and known to be the most liked machine for cardio fitness. People these days are very particular when it comes to exercise or their diet. They keep themselves fit by using various machines. But why not go for a single machine that will give a full body workout and leave best possible results on your body? Yes, a Treadmill does all that. It will help you to burn a large number of calories and make your muscles strong.

Confidence known for the best quality products has made the latest technology machine that is Confidence Power Plus Electric Treadmill. It is the best indoor Treadmill because it is highly comfortable and will become your favorite partner in free time. You can use it at any time of the day and the most amazing point about this machine is that it is space-saver. You must be thinking how it is a space-saver. Then listen! This Power Plus Electric Treadmill has a foldable design which can be folded as soon as you complete your workout. The compact designs demand less space and will easily fit in your entertainment room.

People with heavy weight should stay tension-free because Confidence Power Plus Treadmill can accommodate a person’s weight up to 250 lbs. They can take the best advantage of it and bring their body back in shape. The measurements of this machine are 11 x 24 x 49 inches. It has a 600w motor which is highly powerful and has a wide speed range of 0 – 6.2 MPH. This is a plus point for all the fast runners because they can use it at a fast speed, just like they want! It has 14 x 39 inches tread belt which will allow you to take bigger steps without the fear of tripping off.

The best feature of this Treadmill is the LCD display. It tracks speed, time, distance and the amount of calories that you burn in a workout. It is really helpful because it keeps you motivated and gives an improved challenging workout experience. Confidence Power Plus Treadmill is Electric and has a very low cost. It is very difficult to find a product that serves you in the best possible way and has a low cost. The motorized belt helps for continuous walking or jogging by staying at one place. It helps you to easily achieve your goals!

It is a budget-friendly Treadmill that blows all your laziness away. It is best for cardiovascular fitness. It has a low impact and does not apply high pressure on your joints or knees which means that it will give a smooth and comfortable workout. The handrails provided in the machine help you for a good grip. So why look at other expensive machines when this can help you get the most intense workout? Grab it before it’s too late!

Main features:

  • 600w motor
  • High-speed range
  • Wide running surface

Things we liked

  • Compact design
  • Easy to use
  • Good handrails
  • Supports heavy weights

Things we disliked

  • No heart rate monitor