Update 2017: The Best Treadmill for most people is the Sunny Health & Fitness Treadmill. Compared to our former pick, the sunny treadmill provides the best balance of price, features and built quality. The treadmill features easy folding mechanism, Handrail controls (which basically enable you to control speed conveniently ) and a reasonably good LCD display to help you choose between 9 Built-in workout-programs.

The Best Treadmill: Sunny Health & Fitness Treadmill

Providing you with best quality design and best quality results, Sunny Health & Fitness has come up with their latest technology treadmill that not only provides you with a compact design but shows best results overall. It helps in burning a lot of calories and gives you a challenging workout every time you use it. The compact design has a folding mechanism which helps users to fold it as soon as they complete their workout. They can place it safely anywhere and take it out anytime they want to use it.

It has a built-in handrail control which helps you to control speed. It also helps you start or stop your treadmill. Coming up with all the basic features, it has a built-in LCD display which will help you to track time, speed, distance and a number of calories you burn. It supports heavyweights and has a solid body.

You’ll be glad to know that it can easily handle a person’s weight up to 220 lbs. Yes, now people with heavy weights can take advantage of it and bring their body back in shape by using the top rated treadmill in the market.

Making it convenient for you, they provided their users with a holder which will help you to keep your smartphone or tablet safely aside. You can watch different tutorials or listen to your favorite music while workout. It will give you a smooth and relax feeling which will not make it tiring for you. It has a 2.20 peak HP drive system and has a large running surface of 15.75 x 48.82 inches.

The 9 built-in workout programs will make your workout even more effective and you will be able to see prominent changes in yourself. It will keep you active and bring your body back into shape. Overall, the sunny health and fitness treadmill is one of the best treadmills you can get for your money.

Notable Features:

  • Large running surface
  • LCD Display
  • Can support heavy weight
  • Convenient handrail controls
  • 3 incline levels


  • Creates weird noise in the start

Factors to consider before buying a Treadmill

Always buy a product after checking its specification.

Make sure to buy the one that is affordable as well as fulfills your needs. Here’s a guide for you which will tell you about some important features that one should consider before buying a treadmill.


Before buying a treadmill make sure that it has a strong and powerful motor which can easily handle heavy weights. A good treadmill is the one that has a strong motor and belt. Obviously, a treadmill is useless without a motor so why not go for the one that is powerful? A 3.0 CHP is suitable for most workouts. But if you have a heavy weight then go for the one with 3.5 or 4.0 CHP.


When buying a treadmill make sure to get a one that has a compact design. Machines which have a compact design do not ask for a lot of space and easily fits on any side of the room. Treadmills which can be folded are like a piece of cherry on the cake. They can be easily folded as soon as you complete your workout. They are easy to use and can be assembled easily. So make sure to buy the one that is user-friendly and does a great job.


Not all the good things in life are expensive. And when it comes to getting a good treadmill then always go for the one that has maximum features but low cost. Obviously, one should always check his pocket and then buy a particular product. Many machines have a high price but they deliver bad quality. So quality and value both are very important when it comes to buying a treadmill.

Running Surface Size

It is the most important factor that needs to be considered before buying a treadmill. Make sure that the belt can help you give a full running stride. If it has a short belt, it can lead tripping you on the front or at the back. So always go for the one that has a compact design, larger running belt and serves you the best possible way.

Heart Rate Monitor

This is the most effective feature because it leads you to a better workout. A heart rate monitor helps you to show your heart rate and keeps you updated about minute details. It keeps you motivated and the eager of improving your workout rises. So a heart rate monitor is a must! Make sure it is accurate and shows the best results.

Computer Features

A built-in computer in a treadmill helps you track speed, time, distance, heart rate and a number of calories burnt. Always go for the one which delivers the most accurate results. This feature is very helpful because it makes your workout challenging.

Treadmill Incline

A treadmill should have an electronic adjustability. It helps you to increase or decrease the intensity while doing your workout. It helps in continuity and does not stop you while you are working out. Always remember this feature and make sure to get the one that has a good degree of incline. It will really help you a lot!


Nothing is better than a solid and powerful machine. Quality is no doubt the most important thing when it comes to buying the best treadmill. It should have a strong body which can carry heavy weights and should be durable. As it is one-time investment so it should be long lasting. Go for the one that has reliable parts and provides the best quality.


Make sure that the treadmill you wish to buy has a warranty. It will be beneficial for you because you can get it repaired or exchange it if it has any faults in it. Although they come with a user manual which helps you to assemble it easily but people still at times do it in an improper way which can lead to damaging your machine. So a machine that has a warranty will be better for you!s

Keeping these basic features in mind, here are reviews on some treadmills that we found the best and most effective. Hope it helps!

Treadmill Interval Training: 5 Step Fat Loss Workout (Intense)

Types of Treadmill

All of us know that the advancement of technology has made various products and machines for various types of users. Similarly, a treadmill also comes with a variety of types. Let us tell you about them!

Budget folding Treadmills

A budget folding treadmill is the one that is affordable and can be folded anytime you want. Although it does not have a lot of features but is convenient for walkers. It has an LCD display and a water bottle holder but does not feature a heart rate strap etc. They have a low cost and a short running belt. They aren’t made with solid parts and tend to feel less stable.

Folding Treadmills

A folding treadmill features more workout programs as compared to the budget folding machines. They are durable and long lasting. It has various features and an LCD display which keeps you updated about minute details. It has a heart rate strap which tracks heart and pulse rate. These are better than the budget folding treadmills though they have a high price. Obviously, a folding machine has a compact design and it does not ask for a lot of space. It can be easily folded as soon as you complete your workout.

Non-Folding Treadmills

A non-folding treadmill has a large running surface and offers a powerful deck. It is the best treadmill for fast runners. It has robust materials and heart rate programs. These are best for people who have a heavy weight. Though you can’t fold it but it serves you very well.

Lose up to 3X more weight with Burst Training on a Treadmill

Here is another video for weight loss:

How do they work?

In our busy life, we forget about taking care of ourselves but one can simply not go without being health conscious. To live a healthy life, we should take utmost care of ourselves. All the people who do exercise on daily purpose, here’s a good news for them! Now they can bring the best equipment at home so they can take the best advantage of it. A treadmill is a machine that helps for walking or running by staying at one place. Get rid of visiting parks daily and get a treadmill because it helps you to walk at home.

A treadmill helps to give you a relaxed feeling. It keeps you active and gives a full body workout. The belt moves and you start moving your legs. It is best for running or daily walk. Here’s a detailed description of how it works:

The Belt

Make sure to get a treadmill of your size. Although some treadmills have 2 ply belts which have the same thickness. The size of a belt ranges from 14 to 24 inches. Always remember; the stronger the belt, the better it will perform.

The Motor

The built-in motor that a treadmill has is known as the heart of a treadmill. Obviously, without a motor, it won’t work. The motor is the most important part when it comes to a treadmill and then comes the belt. Treadmills usually have a 1.5 or 3 horsepower motor. The motor allows the belt to move or rotate which leads to a smooth workout experience. So, always remember that a motor is the main part of a treadmill. Without a motor, it is useless!

The Rollers

Rollers play a great role when it comes to a durable long lasting treadmill. The rollers support and allow the belt to move. The bigger the rollers are, the better they are. Rollers indeed reduce the stress of the belt and the motor which is the reason why a treadmill lasts for a long time.

The Deck

Deck is the most important part of a treadmill. Make sure to have a look on its frame. It should be solid and powerful. A steel frame is always a better choice. A strong deck will be able to handle heavy weights.

The Electronics

Last but not the least! Doing workout without any information coming to you may seem boring. A built-in LCD helps to track speed, time, heart rate, etc. This feature really helps a lot!

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Benefits of a Treadmill

  • Burns Calories: A treadmill is best to burn calories. It gives you a proper full body workout and you can burn around 300 calories in 30 minutes if you use it the right way. Obviously, using a treadmill has a proper technique which one should follow and use it accordingly. Running is always the best way of burning calories. Treadmills are ideal for this purpose. They are perfect to perform these workouts.
  • Best for Cardiovascular fitness: High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is best to increase metabolism and burn fat. It builds stamina and endurance. A treadmill is no doubt an excellent source for a cardio workout. If you run at a slower rate but for a long period then it is too excellent for your cardio fitness. These are really effective and beneficial. It provides the best advantages and known as the best machine for cardiovascular fitness. It will not only help you in young but will give you its benefits in the old age.
  • Low Impact: A treadmill has a low impact as compared to running. It does not apply high pressure on your knees, etc. and gives the best possible results. It lowers blood pressure and cholesterol and helps to for better brain functions. It gives you a comfortable workout without being a stress for you.
  • Keeps you active: Walking or running daily keeps you active. It gives you a different type of feeling which will relax you. It motivates you and makes you physically active and healthy. It leaves positive effects on your body and leaves such benefits that you cannot think of.
  • Full body Workout: If you think that a treadmill only affects your legs then you are wrong. You’ll be surprised to know that it gives you a full body workout. It gives positive effects on your body whether it comes to your arms, back, etc. It affects you internally like muscles, cardiovascular fitness, etc. Treadmill really is beneficial and affects your whole body.
  • Brings your body back to shape: A treadmill not only keeps you physically fit but as we all know, it helps in losing weight and brings our body in shape. If you are already slim and using it then don’t worry, it will give your legs a proper shape and if you are chubby or fat then it will help you reduce weight and show best results.
  • Saves Money: Treadmills are always one-time investment. You don’t need to spend money on them after every few days. They are affordable and give the best results. They really help you save money because they make you get rid of visiting parks or gyms because all you ever wanted is at your home now. Take advantage of it as much you want.
  • Good for mental strength: A treadmill improves your mental strength. It keeps you active and motivated. It sharpens your mind by its fast speed. You start to face sudden challenges which are very good for us. So it not only affects us physically but also mentally.
  • Experience challenges: With the LCD display provided on most of the treadmills, the eager of improving your workout rises. It is the best feature because it keeps you active and motivated. It lets you experience challenges. Even the workout programs help you for a better workout.
  • Feel great: A treadmill lets you feel great because it keeps you active and makes your mood better. You forget about all the other happenings in life and start thinking positively. It becomes the best partner in your free time which makes you realize that you bought something which was worth all the effort and money. It really feels great!

Other Treadmill Considerations

Here are some other treadmill considerations which everyone should know before using a treadmill. It really helps a lot!

Running Shoes

For a better and comfortable workout always choose the right shoes. Do not use sandals or flip-flops while using a treadmill they will trip you off and damage your feet. Always go for the ones that are light in weight and gives a comfortable workout throughout. Make sure to tie your laces properly and then start using it. If you don’t use proper shoes for this purpose, you can damage your muscles internally. So avoid them!

Care and Maintenance

The most vital component of making your machine in the best possible way is maintaining it properly. Always clean the treadmill after an intense workout and if it has a foldable design then fold it and place it safely on one side. Always remember that excessive cold, heat or humidity can damage your treadmill. So always keep it in climate controlled environment. So always take utmost care of it and it will work for a long time.

Treadmill workouts

Do you want to lose weight? Then always consult a trainer before using it or watch online tutorials for better workouts. It will improve your workout and keep you physically fit. It will help you achieve your goals easily.

Things that should be avoided

Here are some of the common mistakes that you do unknowingly. Always try to avoid them. It will lead to a better and improved workout.

  • Always focus on your running and do not get distracted by other things happening around you.
  • Make sure there is no power running when replacing any internal part
  • The safety key should always be attached to your clothes. It will automatically switch off if you slip during a workout.
  • Always increase speed gradually.
  • Never step off a moving treadmill.
  • Always use the handrails properly.

Disadvantages of treadmills:

  • Lack of air resistance
  • Running on a limited space
  • Can be boring at times

The Competition: Other Awesome Treadmill Reviews

Note: The reviews below are written by third party writers and may not be a 100% accurate. Always, recheck the information given here with the actual information on Amazon.com

NordicTrack T 6.5 S Treadmill

Are you searching for the best treadmill that can do a great job? Then NordicTrack has something for you. This time, it brings you with a T 6.5 S Treadmill which will burn your calories fast and bring your body back into shape. It is easy to use and won’t demand a lot of space in a room. It has all the best features that a good treadmill should have. It will become your favorite partner in your free time because you can take advantage of it by sitting at your home. It will not only make your workout easy but deliver the best results.

Now you can adjust the incline level digitally. It will add intensity to your workout and will target specific muscles. Now doing a perfect workout is not difficult because you can use the given 20 workout programs provided by a certified trainer. It will guide you through an easy and effective workout. It will help you achieve your workout goals. It will not only make you active but will burn a large number of calories and help you lose your weight. Doing exercise now is not boring at all because the built-in console system will help you plug your iPod or MP3 player and help you listen to music on the go. It will help you enjoy during your workout.

It has a 20 x 55 inches running surface belt which will give you a smooth workout and you can easily run without tripping. The 2.6 HP drive system proves it to be the best one of all. The powerful body can handle a person’s weight up to 300 lbs. It can be easily folded whenever you complete your workout and its dimensions are 73 x 35.5 x 67.5 inches. It has a FlexSelect Cushioning which will make it better for joint support. Grab this amazing offer before it’s too late!


  • FlexSelect cushioning
  • a variety of programs
  • Affordable price
  • Supports heavy weights
  • Compact design


  • Noisy motor

HPD Folding Treadmill

One can simply not go without being health conscious. We should always keep an eye on our diet as well as exercise. Now bring the best treadmill at your home with just one click. Get rid of visiting parks or gyms daily and get the HPD folding treadmill. It does a great job and shows the best results. The 500 watts motor creates an extremely low noise. The compact design comes with a folding feature. It helps you to place your treadmill easily at one place. All you got to do is fold the treadmill as soon as you complete your workout. It is easy to assemble and very easy to use.

The built-in LCD display keeps you updated about the time, speed, distance and a number of calories burnt. This feature allows you to a better workout because it keeps you motivated and gives a challenging workout. The handrails are very comfortable and safe. They provide you with a good grip and do not hurt your hands even if you use it for a long period. It provides balance and safety. The simple and compact design can handle a person’s weight up to 250 lbs. Yes, people with heavy weights can take advantage of it and bring their body back into shape.

It is made of heavy duty steel and its dimensions are 50 x 22.8 x 46.8 inches. It has a low cost but delivers the best results. It is no doubt the best treadmill of all which will help you lose weight and become your favorite partner in your free time. Get rid of visiting parks or gym and get this amazing machine because it is ready to serve you in the best possible way.


  • Supports heavy weight
  • Compact design
  • Affordable
  • Good grip
  • Easy to assemble


  • Narrow belt

FitnessClub Folding Machine

If you are thinking of staying physically fit then the Fitness club Folding Treadmill will help you do a better job. It has a simple and compact design which can easily be folded anytime you want. The excellent deck provides an amazing workout for back, ankle and joints. It provides you with a cushion the helps you for a faster muscular workout. It is made with durable and reliable parts which will last a long time. The motor does not create a loud irritating noise and has an emergency stop which will provide maximum safety to you.

The built-in LCD tracks speed, time, distance and number of calories burnt. This feature keeps you motivated and gives a better workout. It can support a person’s weight up to 250 lbs. and its dimensions are 47 x 24 x 46.5 inches. The convenient handlebars will not hurt your hands even if you use for a long time. They are comfortable and provide good grip.


  • Durable
  • Supports heavy weights
  • Folding design
  • Light in weight
  • Built-in LCD
  • Easy to assemble

Goplus Treadmill

Running or walking at home in this modern age is not something that one cannot do. Goplus has brought you with their latest technology treadmill which will become your best partner at all times. It will let you take advantage of it at any time of the day. The compact design does not ask for a lot of space and can be easily put together when it is not in use. It has a speed range of 0.5MPH – 8MPH. You’ll be glad to know that it can handle heavy weights. Yes, it can support a person’s weight up to 265 lbs. Isn’t that amazing?

You won’t get bored while exercising because it has a 3.5mm USB interface and supports MP3 player. It will help you listen to your favorite music while working out. Bringing variety for you, they have come up with 2 modes this time. One is manual and the other is Auto mode. It features a built-in LCD which tracks speed, time and number of calories burnt, etc. This feature is really helpful! The overall dimensions of this treadmill are 59 x 47.5 x 26.7 inches. The powerful body will work perfectly without giving you a stress.


  • Compact design
  • Wide speed range
  • Foldable design

ProForm Pro 1000

Are you ready to burn calories? Are you searching for a good treadmill? Then ProForm Pro 1000 can do a great job. It has a 3.0 chp mach Z commercial motor which gives a smooth workout experience. It has 20 x 60 long tread belt which is smooth and wide. The 6-inch backlit display tracks speed, time, calories burnt, etc. This feature keeps you updated with minute details which leave a positive effect on you. When coming to its speed, then it has a 12 MPH quick speed which can be adjusted according to your requirements.

The 22 workout apps help you to improve your workout. It makes it easy and challenging for you. It is perfect to lose weight and the EasyLift assist makes it a space saver design. It does not demand a lot of space and does a perfect job.


  • Variety of workout programs
  • Heart rate monitor
  • LCD display


  • Screen turns on itself at times

Weslo CardioStride 3.0

If you want a good treadmill that should be beneficial for your cardiovascular fitness then Weslo has something for you. Now get the Weslo CardioStride 3.0 Treadmill which is made especially with durable and solid parts to give you the type of workout you are searching for. It provides with a low impact workout which does not apply pressure on your joint or knees. It is best for beginners. It has a compact foldable design which can be easily folded and put together at one side. The easy to read LCD display keeps you updated about the time, speed, distance, and number of calories burnt every time you use it.

It has a 17 x 41 inches walking tread belt. It stays quiet even when in use. Now people with heavy weights can take advantage of it because it can handle a person’s weight up to 250 lbs. The weight of this machine is 52 pounds and its dimensions are 48 x 23 x 7 inches. It requires no electrical power does a great job.


  • Durable
  • Wide surface tread belt
  • Easy to use


  • Track does not glide smoothly

Merit Fitness 715T Plus Treadmill

Merit Fitness known for delivering best quality products at all times comes up with another most liked machine. And that is Merit Fitness 715T Plus Treadmill. It is perfect for keeping your body physically fit and active. The LCD display tells you about number of calories that you burn. It gives a full body workout which leaves positive effects on all parts of the body. It has a 2.5 THP drive motor which is extremely powerful and gives a smooth workout experience. It has adjustable speed range from 0 to 10 miles per hour. Anyone can adjust it according to his stamina and body requirements.

It has a weight capacity of 250 pounds and its measurements are 29 x 52 x 61 inches. It does not have a built-in fan and its powerful body is made of steel. It is perfect to burn calories and becomes your best partner in your free time. So why not go for the one that is made of so many features?


  • Supports heavy weights
  • Powerful body
  • Space-saver
  • 3 incline levels

Nautilus T614 Treadmill

Why visit parks or gym and pay their membership fee when you can get the best machine at home? Now get rid of those old school machines and keep yourself active and fit by using Nautilus T614 Treadmill. It has the latest technology features which show best results. It has a high resolution backlit LCD display which will let you know about your speed, time and calories burnt. It has a wide speed range or 0 to 12 MPH. the 2.75 CHP drive motor lets it handle heavy weights up to 300 lbs. It has a 20 x 55-inch surface tread belt. It is wide and does not trip you off even if you use it a fast speed.

To make your workout entertaining they have provided their users with 2 acoustic chambered speakers. Now they can listen to their favorite music while working out. It will make their exercise comfortable and enjoyable. For a better workout, it has 22 workout programs which will guide and motivate you for a better workout. It has quick access speed and inclines buttons which make it convenient for the users. It also has standard 110v power requirements. It can be folded easily as soon as you complete your workout. You’ll be glad to know that it has transport wheels which will help you to move them from one place to another.


  • Transport wheels
  • LCD display
  • Wide speed range
  • Handles heavyweight


  • Shuts down at times

ProForm 300i Treadmill

ProForm has come up with another amazing machine which will become your favorite by delivering best results. The 300i Treadmill has a 2.0 CHP drive system will help it handle heavy weights up to 300 lbs. The surface tread belt is 16 x 50 inches wide. It will not trip you off and will let you take bigger and wider steps. It has a large LCD display like other Treadmills which keeps you motivated during your workout. It is actually the best feature! It is no doubt a really good Treadmill because it can burn 300 calories in 30 minutes if you use it with the proper technique.

It can be easily put together and does not ask for a lot of space. It has a total weight of 150 lbs. and its measurements are 53 x 33 x 70 inches. The built-in fan keeps it cool and makes your workout smoother. It can be easily assembled and will help you achieve your workout goals. The ProForm 300i Treadmill is definitely one of the best treadmills to find on Amazon.


  • Supports heavy weights
  • 2.75 HP motor
  • Easy set up


  • Noisy sometimes

How we picked

Before recommending you any machine we made our research strong and chose the best treadmills overall. We selected the ones with the latest technology features and the ones which give the best results. Before picking up, we made sure to choose the one that delivers the best results and comfortable workout.

How we tested?

We try our best to bring the products which has the best possible results and for that we read reviews and of course tested them. After reading the specifications of the top rated machines, we figured out the best ones and then experimented them. After all the tests and experiments we summed up the most liked treadmills for you. We have always respected our customers and provided them with accurate information. Keeping you happy, makes us happy. Trust us; all the above-mentioned treadmills really do a great job!


All the above-mentioned information is accurate and we provided with the top most liked and rated machines. Treadmills really do a great job. They have a considerably low cost but keep you updated about minute details and shows the best results. It is best for cardiovascular fitness, helps to burn calories and brings your body back in shape. No more excuses now because the best treadmill is out there for you. Go for it and get the best advantages of it. We just hope that this guide helps you in buying the best one of all!

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