When it comes to going to gym daily or do exercise then there are many people who are sick of that. They prefer doing it at home and for that purpose, machines are made to fulfill your requirements by sitting at home. You can get them easily anytime you want. They are one-time investment and serve a great job. After treadmills, spinning bikes, etc. here’s a rowing machine that is best for cardiovascular fitness and best for physical fitness. Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower knows how to do its job well. It has a low impact workout which will not hurt your legs as well as your hands or shoulders.

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One thing that you should keep in mind is that do not apply pressure from your hands only, it can damage your muscles internally. Make sure to apply pressure to your legs on every stroke. Velocity Rower gives a smooth workout experience and minimizes the noise when it is in use. It has a Drum Magnetic Control System which is the reason behind its smooth and noiseless feel. It is highly space saving because it can be folded as soon as you stop using it. To keep you updated about minute details they have provided their users with a heart rate monitor which will guide them about the time, speed, heart rate, etc.

Listen up all the users who are thinking of losing some weight. Velocity Rower can handle a person’s weight up to 275 lbs. Yes, now people with heavyweight can take advantage of it and burn some calories. This machine allows you to stay physically fit by staying at home. The large PU moulded saddle helps to provide maximum comfort. There are 12 programs which help you give a quiet workout. Yes, now don’t get worried about its noise because it works silently and won’t disturb anybody sitting nearby.

It is the most effective cardio workout which has a folding design that saves space. The transportation wheels help you to move it from one place to another. They really do a great job and have made it convenient for you. Even the LCD display keeps you motivated and challenging. The eager of improving it more and more rises. One should always want more and more! And for that, it is the best machine that can do a great job.

It has a total weight of 41 pounds and its measurements are 45 x 30 x 11 inches. The compact design won’t demand a lot of space and can be folded anytime you want. It has 7 workout programs and a Nylon belt that provides a smooth stroke. It has a reasonable price and will satisfy you every time you use it. After all the tests and experiments we figured out that it is the best rowing machine in the market which is highly liked. So we thought of sharing it with you because we care about you and make sure to recommend you the top best products.

Things we liked

  • Supports heavy weight
  • Compact design
  • Transport wheel
  • Can be easily folded
  • Easy to assemble

Things we disliked

  • Can make noise at times