Are you sick of paying gym fee? Do you want to get physically fit by staying at home? Do you want to get rid of the hot weather and prefer working out comfortably at home? Then you’re at the right place! We’ve found the best rowing machine which will help you lose your weight within days. It not only helps to lose weight but it is also beneficial for the cardio workout. It is known to be the best full body workout machine. One should always keep an eye on his diet and exercise because they are the most important if you want to live a healthy wealthy life.

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A rowing machine really does its job very well. And for the ones who are looking for a reliable machine that shows best results and give a comfortable workout, this is for them! First Degree Fitness Newport has come up with their top selling product and that is the AR Rower Water Machine. It gives a smooth workout feel and assures you to provide the best results. It has various adjustable fluid resistance levels which are the reason behind its magical workout experience. Now you don’t need to apply extra energy or pressure because the transport wheels help the user to move it from one place to another. This feature really made a lot convenient to the users!

Now people with heavy weights can take advantage of it because it can support a person’s weight up to 300 lbs. Yes, you heard me right! 300 lbs. It means that people with heavy weights can take advantage of it and use it in their free time. The plus point of bringing this magical machine at home is that you can use it in your free time comfortably. It has a compact design which does not demand a lot of space and can be easily put on any side of the room. It has a total weight of 57 pounds and its dimensions are 38 x 23 x 22 inches.

It is the most reliable and long lasting machine in the market. It delivers best results and provides the most consistent resistance that you can ever find on a rowing machine. The metallic body is solid and easy to assemble. Once you start using it properly you’ll see how relaxing it is. It blows away your laziness keeps you motivated. The built-in LCD display tracks speed, time, distance, heart rate and a number of calories burnt. This feature is actually a plus point because it helps you to improve your workout. It keeps you motivated and the eager of using it again and again rises. It is comfortable and stable, unlike other rowers who have a high price but gives the worse results.

It keeps you physically fit, helps in weight loss and leaves positive effects which you may realize later. It is perfect for cardiovascular fitness. So why not go for the one that has so many advantages? We tested this machine before suggesting you because we respect our customers and their needs and we can never come up with a machine that is just a waste of money. It really proved itself to be the best of all. Grab this amazing offer before it’s too late! Trust us, it is the most liked and top-rated rowing machine in the market!

Things we liked

  • Can support heavy weights
  • Transport wheels
  • LCD display
  • High resistance levels for smooth workout

Things we disliked

  • Creates noise at times