Best Bike Computer Reviews 2017

Quick Update: The best bike computer for most riders is the Cateye Strada Wireless.

Similar to display on the dashboard of a car, a Bike Computer ( Also known as Cyclocomputer ) is a device usually attached to handlebar that calculates and displays trip information.

A bike computer can provide you information such as distance traveled, average speed, maps, GPS info, Cadence, Measures Climbs & more.

Image Name Type

Garmin Edge 810 GPS Bike ComputerGPS Bike Computer
Wahoo Blue SC Cycling Speed & Cadence Sensor for iPhone and AndroidCycling Speed & Cadence Sensor for smartphones

Garmin Forerunner 310XT Waterproof USB Stick and Heart Rate MonitorGPS-enabled training device - Tracks Bikes

CatEye Velo 9 Bicycle Computer CC-VL820Wired Bike Computer

We have also listed out a Wahoo product on this Table which is basically a speed & cadence sensor for iPhone or android. If you are looking for cheaper models, do read out our review below. Some of these inexpensive computers are just Awesome.

Description of Data Devices shows in the Comparison Table

1. The Bike ComputerBest Bike computer with gps – This is basically a device that is attached to the handlebar of the bicycle. It is fairly easy to use. It is relatively smaller than a phone. The Interface, however, is not very stunning.

But most of them are tough and do not easily get damaged by accident. Also, many cycle computers are waterproof. This is another advantage of a computer device.

2. The fitness watchwatch used as a a bike computer – This is a GPS device which can also be mounted to your bike’s handlebar.

The added benefit of this kind of watch is that it can be used for more than one purpose. For example, the watch can be used for running as well.

3. Smartphonesusing smartphone apps to monitor – I probably don’t have to write about this.

You install a cycling app to get all the exciting stats. The benefit of this kind of system is that you get a rich interface with lot more features plus other sharing options.

For example sharing your stats with a partner, social media or other fitness apps.

What to Expect in a Given Price Range

BudgetWhat to Expect
$10 - $50 Basic : wired model & basic features such as speed, distance & time.
$50 - $100Somewhat Advance: Wired or wireless models. With additional features such as options such as measures Climbs & Cadence
$100 - $200Advance: Wireless models and basic GPS models. May include more additional features such as temperature etc
$200 plusPro: GPS models with advance capabilty. Also, the screen can be customized as per preference. Full data, stats & mapping options.


The Best Road & Mountain Bike Computer – Cateye Strada Wireless

The Cateye Strada bike computer is a wireless model. The installation is very easy and the wireless system works perfectly. Many people believe that a wireless model would not work as good as the wired version but this is not true – it works just like a wired computer.

You may perceive the cateye strada to be large & ugly, looking at the images of the product but in reality, it is pretty sleek and compact.

The design is awesome – you can use the computer using only one hand. This is also a plus as you can use it even when you are riding. The entire device acts as a button when sitting in the cradle, so tapping it firmly anywhere will toggle through the display. The display also shows large numbers – large enough for you to check with just a glance.

Another nice thing about this unit is that it is waterproof. You don’t have to worry about rain or sweat – The device would work in any condition.

Cateye Strada also displays the data and stats to almost 99% accuracy. We tested out this computer on a 40-mile trip and it displayed fully accurate distance.

Make sure your calibrate this device properly. The pace arrow ( see arrow in the image ) basically tells you whether you are above average speed or below the average speed.

Cateye has a great customer service – If in case any part gets damaged, just call them and they would most likely replace you with a new part ( free of charge! – Most of the time )

Overall – We would give this unit a 9 on a scale of 10. You can check out more user reviews, Discounts, and price at amazon. Cateye strada is listed as one of the best seller product!

Cheapest Bike Computer you can get under $30 – Cateye Velo 9

Cateye Velo 9 - best cheap bike computer

Cateye Velo 9

The Cateye Velo 9 is a really affordable unit and offers numerous features that an expensive counterpart may offer. Because of the great features, it stays on the Amazon best sellers list.

As per the manufacturer description, the unit offers 9 functions and 4 features.

The 9 functions are: current/average/maximum speeds, Trip/total distance, elapsed time, clock, calorie consumption, carbon offset

And the 4 features include pace arrow, auto start/stop, zip tie mount compatible with flex tight bracket, and simple tire size.

However, the Cateye Velo 9 is a wired model and people these days prefer wireless computers instead of wired ones.

The Display of this unit is really easy to read. Also, Installation is pretty clear & simple. We attached the video above to help you install just any bike cyclo computer. So, again, use the video if you find it difficult to install your unit. In order to setup the unit you just need to know your bike tire size.

The unit also offers a basic clock – which is also another plus. This is handy if you forget to wear your wristwatch. The Unit sleeps when you are not riding to save battery life and goes on when your start paddling.

Although the calorie consumption feature that this unit offers is generalized but I still find it very accurate. In fact, the unit overall is very accurate.

Wahoo Fitness RPM Cadence Sensor with Bluetooth Smart and ANT Connectivity

Now this product is interesting. It is actually a sensor which Wirelessly sends pedaling cadence data to your iPhone or Android device via Bluetooth Smart 4.0

Wahoo has its own app which can be used to track the data which the sensor sends. Also, various other apps can be used for this purpose.

This Wahoo device can be used with road, mountain bikes and other types of bikes as well.

You can Pair the RPM to the Wahoo App for iPhone & Android, or other iPhone Apps such as Cyclometer, Strava & MapMyRide.

The good thing about this is that it can be used for any types of bikes, even indoor spin bikes. The device is really easy to install. Also, the Sensor is very durable – firmly stays at its position. Check out more user reviews & price on Amazon 


Sigma Sports BC16.12 16 Function Bicycle Computer

The Sigma Sports BC16.12 16 is another good bike computer that comes under cheap computer category. The main plus of this model is that it includes cadence and for below $30, this device is a steel. Computers with cadence are usually expensive but this model distinguishes itself from the pack.

Installation is pretty easy ( as is the case with every unit listed here on this post! ) and the display is crisp and large so that you can read it easily.

You might want to check out sigma official website which provides more detail of the product when setting up the device for the first time.

The downside is the cable length that is provided with it. It runs short – it isn’t a big issue but for some large cycles it maybe.


Bell F20 Cyclocomputer, Black

This is perhaps the cheapest Cyclocomputer – Gets a good user rating on Amazon.

It has basic features & functions such as total distance traveled, a distance to a particular session, maximum speed, Avg. speed, timer, temperature & calorie meter. Although the device is inexpensive but it is really durable.

Installation is simple – Just follow the instructions provided in the manual and you would be good to go. Get the help of the video as well.

The display isn’t super sharp but isn’t bad either. The display automatically turns off when not in use and wakes up when you start to paddle. This saves battery.

Speaking of which – The device also doesn’t consume a lot of power. You might need to change the battery after a year or so.

The device overall is not fabulous but for this amount of money, it does provides a lot of value.

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