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Compression Garments: 

Compression garments are really useful for athletes during a workout to prevent rashes and chafing. On this site, we’ve compiled various guides related to compression clothes. Here are a few of these:

Ankle Weights and Related Strength Training Equipment

Bicycle Reviews & Guide

Stretching Machines

Stretching Machines are great for people wanting to increase muscle flexibility & to avoid injuries. There are numerous benefits of stretching and not just only for older people but for people of all ages. Here at this site, you can read a complete guide on stretching machines and how can they help you achieve optimum fitness. We also cover reviews of the best selling stretchers.

Elliptical Machines

Ellipticals are great for people looking to get an effective workout without putting too much pressure on the joints. The elliptical machine is used to simulate walking, running and stair climbing. It also decreases the risk of impact injuries. People having injuries could also use elliptical machines to get a cardiovascular workout with an option to set the difficulty of a workout from high to low intensity. You can see the complete guide on Elliptical machines here on maxfitness+.

Jump Ropes

A jump rope, sometimes also called a skipping rope, is a long strip of braided or twisted cord used in exercise for people of all ages and walks of life. Often the rope has handles on both ends to make grasping it easier, but many people find those without to be just as much fun. Click here to check out the complete guide on the best jump ropes to get.

Push Up Bars

Push ups are considered the top bodyweight exercise for the upper muscles and for good reason. Push ups hit virtually all the muscles. The chest is the primary collective of muscles hit by push ups, but these muscles are not alone. The biceps, triceps, forearms, and deltoids are stressed by the exercise. Push ups really can develop the look of the upper body and enhance strength and muscular endurance. For these reasons and more, pushups should be part of any serious workout program.And those who want to maximize the benefits of pushups should look into purchasing a push-up bar.

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